Summer Time 09 Part Uno

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tanner: Remember when we went to Mount Vernon?
Kirsten: Ya, I do, why?
Tanner: Just making sure. That was fun.

We've had some seriously fun summer activities sans studying (if you can believe it) and no one else has been able to enjoy them because I haven't been blogging! I haven't been taking very many pictures either so this post may seem pretty lame but I just want to write down some memorable moments.

....last sunday july 26 - Mount Vernon awaited us. We woke up late Sunday morning and the weather was pretty crappy and we were both like, We want to do something today. So we did. We packed ourselves up for the one hour drive to GW's old house. It ended up being a hella hot day spent standing in line for 2 hours but we loved it anyway.

wednesday july 29 - happy hour with 19th and w - This group of guys is one-of-a-kind. Tanner had already been hanging out at Clyde's for a few hours when I showed up after work. The night was spent listening to their crazy stories and planning future vacations to create more crazy stories.

thursday july 30 - wine tasting party at Martha's - Do I really want to tell this story? Yeah! Nancy's friend Martha joined a pyramid scheme selling wines from Napa Valley. Whoever thought this up is genius. Wine up your friends and sell oodles of wine and have them sign up to host their own parties all while having a good time.

friday july 31 - crab feast - The Espejo's had us over for our very first fresh crab feast. This dinner didn't come easy, we had to work for every ounce of crab and mussels that we devoured. So it wasn't surprising to find that we were pretty tempted by the kid's food (pizza and mac and cheese) that was prepared in the kitchen when our dinner was over.

saturday aug 1 - training camp in the heat, Los Tolteco's for margs and dinner (a new...what's it called? You know, you do it every week or every year? tanner: annually? No you do it by holidays and with your family....TRADITION!), then listening to tanner's radio show...the Sports Hub.


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