C&C wedding week festivities

Saturday, May 31, 2008

We just wanted to say congrats to Chris & Christy...and also thank them for getting married so we had an excuse to skip school and work and get together with Tanner's family and celebrate. Chris & Tanner made a deal with this cool company, Animoto, so I used it to make a video that highlights the wedding week. Enjoy.

Countdown to the big day...

Tuesday, May 20th - Tanner & I flew into Dulles, we were happily surprised to see Tanner's cousin Brooke who has been in Africa for 6 months at baggage claim.

Wednesday, May 21st - Boy's night out (Golfing, Gambling, Girls), Girl's night out (KP's, Food, Guitar Hero), The front page of Yahoo picked up Chris's "love story" post which was neat.

Thursday, May 22nd - Chris posted some sultry photos of Christy on his personal blog and sparked a lot of interest, T & I spent the day with Nance in D.C., We all cleaned up and went to the rehearsal and dinner at Bonarotti's (we had a delicious six-course meal and had to be rolled out of the ristorante). The two best parts of the night were one: Koz saying "Hey Numb Nuts" to Dan Snyder in front of everyone, and two: Todd making the waiter read the specials (nearly the entire menu).

Friday, May 23rd (heart) we hung out at the house and tried to stay busy until it was time to get ready. The ceremony was at six and we were all pretty and ready for the wedding bells but the preacher had an emergency (of course) I mean I guess every wedding needs some stress, right? Well he finally made it and the ceremony was beautiful. I would have to say my favorite part of the night was the 1st dance. It was so special, Christy's dad sang "Heaven" by Bryan Adams, it was amazing enough for tears.

The rest of the night was filled with non-stop music and dancing and as you can tell by the pictures it got pretty wild.

Saturday, May 24th - R&R, yeah right! Chris & Christy departed early to the Bahamas for their honeymoon. As for the rest of us it was time for some BBQ at Nance's and some amazing karaoke moments at KP's.

Sunday, May 25th - back to normal life, Tanner and I left at 6 am from Dulles airport and made it home for our one day to recoupe from the busy week. Read more...

Dancin' the night away

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last week we went out to VA for Chris & Christy's wedding. The week was really eventful to say the least. I don't have much time to post because I need to write a paper for class before the day is over. But I thought I would put up a great photo from the dance portion of the night. I will be posting about the whole wedding week when I have a chance, hopefully before this weekend.