Happy B-day Dad!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is my dad.

Isn't he dreamy?

Today is my dad's birthday. He is the best dad a girl could ask for. He deserves a big thank you for all that he does. Today is all about you dad so I hope you have the greatest birthday yet.


Puppy-Love is Doggone

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Our dog Jack is such a sweet little pup. He always has to be leaning against you and he loves to cuddle like a kitten. It is actually pretty enjoyable to pet him because he has the softest fur on the earth. He is pretty self-sufficient in the entertainment portion of his life. Unlike Baxter who needs his life-long addiction to the game of fetch filled, Jack will just entertain himself for hours by chewing bones. Tanner thinks that when Jack's breeders dropped him on his head it knocked something loose that put him in a state of continuous puppyhood. When people meet him they instantly love him because they are blinded by all of these characteristics. But little do they know its all a facade. Baxter knows better. He is tormented by this little ball of fur everyday from the moment Jack leaps off of the bed until he crashes on the couch at night.
Jack finds Bax's favorite things in life and tries to make it impossible for him to enjoy them. I witnessed this first-hand today while sitting in our sunny kitchen studying. Jack had stolen Baxter's favorite toy and was laying on it growling at him everytime he inched closer. This was a huge fight that was not easily, but eventually won by Baxter. Jack wasn't upset by this lost battle he had already started strategizing what he should do next.

Baxter loves to lounge in the morning so Jack will try to antagonize him so he will play with him. He will do this by either running 100 mph circles around our living room clipping Baxter each time he passes or by jumping to the highest point in the living room in order to leap right on Baxter's back with his mouth wide open to catch a corner of Baxter's ear, ankle, whatever. Or maybe he will just climb on Tanner's lap (Baxter's favorite place on earth) for a little scratchin'. Tanner tells me this is his and Jack's daily bonding session, but I don't think Tanner notices that Jack is looking at Baxter out of the corner of his eye to make sure Baxter can see everything that's happening. He's got him right where he wants him.

And tell me that this isn't purely for the sake of jealousy. We will give each of the pups a treat after Baxter has begged us non-stop for them. Simple Jack will lay down with the treat in front of him until Baxter has scarfed every last crumb and until he has noticed that Jack still has his full bone-shaped delicacy waiting for him to devour. After he has gotten his reaction he slowly eats it while Baxter wishes for another one.

It hasn't been easy for Baxter but he is learning to deal with Jack's crazy toy, bone, treat and Tanner hogging. Oh, the life of a dog! Read more...

Life Experiences

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's just say that I am pretty much abnormal. There are a lot of things that I had never experienced before I met Tanner.  I wanted to make a list of a few of the things so Tanner can know the impact he has made on my path to normalcy.

Until I met you...
I never knew that the cloth napkin at restaurants was meant for your lap.
I had never cleaned a toilet.
I had never cooked/baked anything on my own.
I thought I had never been to the ocean. (you helped me realize that since I had been to Alcatraz, I had been to the ocean.)
I had never played a game of checkers.
I didn't know the correct way to use a toothpick.
I had never been forced to try the following foods: sushi, asparagus, spinach, tomato soup.

These are just a few things I came up with off the top of my head.  There are many, many more.  And I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm sure there are more to come.  Thanks Tanner!



Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sometimes I love miscommunications. I've noticed they seem to be pretty prevalent among text messages. Sarcasm, not being able to explain yourself, misspelling of words, and finally simple definitions don't always come across as intended. My mom sent me a message asking me if I have had to replace my stylist. Thankfully I haven't. She was the first person I went to out here and I've gone back to her every 8 weeks for a haircut. I simply replied no and why? The next day my mom texted me...because mine died...

Hers died? Wow! I'm pretty sure her HAIRstylist didn't die...so I asked myself what is she talking about? Once again I made an assumption, I decided she must be talking about her Chi Straightener and calling it a "stylist." Silly mom...I laughed pretty hard about this and explained the whole story to Tanner because I thought it was hilarious. After I had explained the entire story in serious detail, he thought I was talking about a "stylus" for my cell phone (you know that little pen that is used for the touch screen.) I laughed at our miscommunication...then texted my mom back this...are you talking about your hairstylist or your chi straightener? Because originally I thought you were talking about the girl who cuts my hair.

She responded, no, the stylist for my phone...haha.

Wow! So, she wasn't talking about my hairstylist, or my straightener, she was talking about that little pen (stylus) for my phone. It's funny how this 20 second simple conversation turned into a 2-day text fest. And this is all because when the words don't come across right or there is a misspelling you don't take the time to ask questions...in the world of texting apparently we have become accustomed to assuming anything and everything. Next time I guess I'll just pick up the phone and simplify my life a little bit.

Go Caps!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last night was the most interesting Caps game of all time.

#10 We rode the Metro for the first time for convenience sake. Convenience kind of dissipated when we got stuck in traffic on the way to the Metro station and also when everyone got on the train and wondered where Tanner and I were as they pulled away from the station.
#9 We got front row seats next to the glass from Shuster!
#8 I biffed it on the way to our seats at the very bottom of the stairs. I stood up so fast that the gasping of the crowd quickly turned into an eruption of cheering. I was so embarrassed, people were literally cheering.
#7 Comcast showed us on TV!
#6 We got to hang out with some of the players after they lost...they didn't seem too upset though...maybe because they have over 80 games a year.
#5 We met Jacques Cousteau's son at Clyde's after the game. We found out that he was with Crocodile Dundee when he was attacked by sting-rays which led to his death.
#4 We walked from Clyde's to the Metro station and Amanda led us all over the station trying to get us to the right place with many failed attempts. All the while a weird stalker guy was following us. Soooo creepy. We ditched him and Preston got on and off at every stop to make sure he wasn't in any of the cars.
#3 Preston did pull-ups on the bar in the metro car.
#2 Tanner nearly peed his pants. I feel like now he knows how i feel on occasion
#1 When we got back to the station we walked up to our cars to go home and Chris's headlights were on....as we got closer we realized that his car was RUNNING! He left it in the parking lot running for 7 hours and no one stole it. Classic. Read more...

Happy 2009!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This past year has been a blur. I can't believe 2008 has come and gone. A lot has happened in our little lives: got my masters, CPA and MCAT punishments, moved twice (into Chris's and out of Chris's), left our home town, new experiences, new jobs, lots of blogging, and a new place to call home.

We rang in the new year at the Skye Lounge in D.C. Loud music, laughter, and excitement filled the air. It was a memorable experience in more ways than one. Cooley resolutions: Count to 10. Make Virginia home. Be more organized. Live life to the fullest. Read more...