Roll out those summer nights

Saturday, May 30, 2009

We have officially made a goal to spend more time enjoying ourselves this summer. Its pretty tough during the week but weekend nights are definitely devoted to fun activities. Last weekend was a perfect example.

Friday: After we got done with "work" we had a late night bbq at Nance's. She made the most delish meal ever. Her new friend Sam the cooking guy has enticed her to whip up some really amazing dishes lately. Who would have thought we would have been licking our fingers and plates after tuna burgers? We were all in such good moods, summer does that to you. I was off the wall with happiness to be off work and because I listened to Tanner on the radio all afternoon.

Saturday: We spent the afternoon and evening with some old slash new friends. Los Toltecos had top-shelf margaritas for $5 so we spent the entire afternoon sitting outside on the restaurant's patio (my favorite thing to do on the earth) sipping on margaritas...well some of us were sipping.

Sunday: Let me set the scene for this one...the sound of a waterfall in the background while we were all sitting around a campfire with good friends making girls camp style banana boats and s'mores...we spent a good portion of the night staring into the fire and that is pretty much all that mattered. We topped the night off with a soak in the hot tub, then against our will we forced ourselves to dry off and head home.
I thought this was the perfect way start to an amazing summer.

We already started planning our next weekend which involves us pitching a tent in the C's until next time.


Friday, May 29, 2009

I'll be honest I basically had a meltdown yesterday after a meeting I had with one of my teams at work. I knew that June was going to be a pretty busy freaking month, which felt awful yet achievable in my own little mind. But the moment someone else actually said it out loud was the moment that made me want to run away screaming.

Somehow I must manage to fit in 55-60 hours of work, 20 hours of studying, precious relationship time, working out to offset the many hours I spend at my desk, summer activities, and not to mention sleep into each of the next few weeks of June...and this isn't even busy season? Yikes! Read more...

A Sun-Filled Weekend

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina getaway was just what we needed. It has been a crazy year and I can't remember the last time we went on a vacation just the two of us. I have been studying for the financial section of the CPA exam (I took it May 19th, wish me luck) so my sweet husband made the beach plans. We stayed at the beautiful SunSpree Resort right on the beach.

Our trip consisted of lots of relaxation. We turned off our cell phones and laid out at the pool, walked the beach, played in the ocean, people watching was really entertaining, and we went to a bunch of cool, nautical restaurants during our stay.

Some memorable moments included –

- The ocean taking its toll on me…causing me to lose a couple of items including my sunglasses and my top...I wasn't happy about either of these.
- Spending our time waiting for our poolside waitress to stop flirting with the hunky males and provide us with drinks.
- Oh, one night I asked Tanner do as many accents as he could do while sitting dockside, I could not stop laughing, he cracks me up.
- Sitting on the hotel deck sipping Bud-Light Lime listening to the waves roll in while enjoying the warm night air.

We have definitely found a new Memorial Weekend tradition. Read more...

No more heavy lifting

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well pretty sure Baxter has reached a milestone...thought I'd share it. I walked in the house the other night and I soon realized that Tanner failed to mention that not only did he buy bones and food at Petco, he also bought our eldest dog Baxter some carpeted stairs?!? I honestly thought the purchase of stairs would have been sometime later in his life but Baxter, age 3, is now empowered. Thanks to Tanner's purchase instead of just crying in hopes that we will remember to help him into bed, he now proudly does it himself. Read more...

A Regular Day

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I had a serious craving for Sinny Bears today. I have been missing many things from Utah: locally owned restaurants, natural ice chapstick, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, courte, mom, dad, backyards, and mountains. Well I thought I would stop whining and start living. So, my night was spent stabbing innocent cinnamon bears and dipping them in melted chocolate morsels. I didn't expect them to be very good but I was wrong, they may be better than the Utah originals. Oh ya, and for once I got home before Tanner and I even helped him make dinner. I was in charge of the chicken. I am such a little homemaker hahahaha.