Sharp Objects

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Ahhhh, be careful!" I exclaimed as Tanner handed me a knife, that he didn't use, uncomfortably close to my eye, "I have a test tomorrow."

Tanner: "You're acting like its your birthday or something."

Kirsten: "No, I don't want everything my way," I emphasized, "I just don't want to get my eye stabbed out the night before my test."

Tanner stated point blank: "Kirsten, its important to have eyes everyday."

I love conversations like this.

I am not a runner.

There is something calming and wonderful about waking up at 6 a.m. for a good run before you start your day. Its relaxing to drag Tanner out of bed, tie up my running shoes, painfully emerge into the bright sun, and to spend the entire beautiful 20 minutes dragging ten feet behind.

Did I mention?....I do get a great view of some booty for 2 miles, and I get to hear the sounds of morning before anyone has gotten out of bed, and its calming to hear our feet pounding on the sidewalk, and have the awesome yet awful feeling as I'm trying to make that last block even though I am not a runner its really not that bad.....and I love to sprawl out on the floor after and get licked to death by Jack. Read more...

Bug Bites

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today I forgot my anti-itch cream in the car but by the time I reached my desk it seemed like such a journey to turn around and ride the elevator the 6 floors down to the parking garage where the Benadryl was waiting. I ignored those tiny, itchy, red marks until I was unconciously and feverishly scratching while I was working.

Suddenly about one o'clock I was in a panic. I could NOT take it anymore. I walked as fast as I could down the hall to the elevator, nervously rode it down to Parking Level 4, and as soon as those doors opened I made a run for my car. I was literally whimpering in pain and agony by the time I got my car door shut. It was crazy how the unbearable itch just hit me like that. Benadryl brought me relief for a little while but as I type I am itchy as I can get out. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Stupid bugs. Read more...

24...Remember its only a number.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love birthday week! I am used to being bombarded with many great events including mine and Courte's b-days, dress rehearsals, dance performances, going out to eat in far away places, family time, cupcakes, etc. I was bummed when I realized that my birthday was coming up and I wouldn't be able to share it with my family. Needless to say this year was very different than the rest. Although it did have one commonality in that it was still a very busy birthday week....

The big 2-4! What a wonderful day...the funny thing is I still act like a 9 year old on my birthday...not the 24 years that my drivers license portrays. I want to tell everyone what day it is, I expect everything to revolve around me, and oh ya lots and lots of presents are a must.

The morning started off with my love/hate relationship with Tanner's inability to keep a secret. He kept asking me if I wanted an early gift. He was like it's something you can use for work do you want it?...and there I was torn between whether or not I should open it now or wait....but oh what the hell...I told him I wanted it. He instantly pulled an unwrapped bottle of perfume from the kitchen cupboard and presented it proudly. A gift in the morning is like having ice cream for breakfast...and that moment truly marked my entry into adulthood.

My segway was also evidenced by the fact that I had to go to WORK on my BIRTHDAY which happens to be in the SUMMER. It was a pretty painful day, I tell you, that was interrupted by a delicious trip to the Cheesecake Factory with Tanner and Nance and the spirit of Jen (who couldn't make it because she got stuck at work). I loved enjoying a couple hours with two of my favorite people eating indescribable food and opening presents...and I hear their ultimate margarita is amazing. My life revolves around food every other day of the week so why not on my birthday too? Tanner and I went to my favorite Ashburn sushi restaurant, Akira. It was 2 other restaurant diner's birthdays too. A 16 year old, a 24 year old, and an 82 year old, it was so weird to have so many people in one room with the same birthday. I loved all the birthday vibes : ) We ended the night relaxing, making rootbeer floats, and opening more presents. All in all I think it was a great birthday. I will tell about the rest of the birthday week festivities later, I'm tired of typing. To be continued...

Oh ya, thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes. It really makes you feel good inside to get lots of birthday wishes.

Holy Baklava

Monday, June 15, 2009

Greek fair. Greek gyros. Greek music and dancing. Greek iced coffee. Greek Orthodox priest. Greek Baklava. And voile, an out of the ordinary, interesting Sunday night. Read more...

The cute ones are always the crazy ones

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our dog Jack is known to go off his rocker at least once a day. The little puff-ball at some point during each day, without warning, begins sprinting around the house leaping over the furniture and bouncing off the walls. He literally goes from 0 to 60 in .2 seconds for no apparent reason (maybe to get Baxter's attention, but who really knows?). We find ourselves stopping whatever we are doing to watch this amusing display of speed and agility.

On Sunday afternoon after the pups received their weekly bath Jack began his daily spectacle. And there we were innocently laughing at him, saying how cute our soaking wet pup was, as he jumped up on our unmade bed galloping over the comforter and digging around in our pillows. We were in a euphoric, simple-minded state as we watched him fly off the bed and out of the room and down the stairs...and there we were smiling, it was almost sick how happy we were.

So you can probably understand our disbelief when a few moments later we both caught a glimpse of something shiny, liquid, and yellow all over our white comforter. Jaaaaack!!!!!!! I ran downstairs after him to take him outside to finish relieving himself, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when he only cowered and let out a dribble. I felt so bad, it was absolutely our fault and there he was shivering and feeling terrible. He knows better and he never has accidents it had just been like 6 hours since he'd been outside, and in our condo its hard for him to let us know, and he was shivering and wet and freezing.....way too many variables against we took the blame.

Life lesson: When things get too perfect, be afraid, be very afraid.