St. Northwest

Monday, October 19, 2009

I came home early from work today to get Tanner to the airport for a 7 pm flight. In the midst of packing Tanner decided to take another look at his itinerary. "Kirstennnnn!" I ran downstairs to find my 6 foot 2 hubby in a panic. "My flight left at 3:40!" I shot a glance at the clock that painfully showed 5:20. I guess last night in the stress of the quick booking he read the times wrong. He threw the last few things in his bag and we ran out the door.

On the way to the airport I was dialing Delta and Expedia trying to figure out how we were going to get Tanner from Dulles to his connecting flight in Minneapolis so he could make his flight to Billings tonight. Really the only positive that came out of these two calls was being able to listen to calming elevator music...besides that they were absolutely useless.

When we got to the airport we went to the airline of his original missed flight which just so happened to be on the complete opposite side of the terminal. It is really hard to stay poised when you are so stressed, but Tanner did well, I only saw a few beads of sweat. Even when we thought Miss United was finding him a flight when come to find out she was just wasting our valuable time as she was struggling to get her computer to find his itinerary the entire time. She sent us away disappointed because her airline could not get him to his destination until tomorrow night, which would be too late to make his grandpa's funeral at 10 am.

We walked away disappointed...but we didn't give up. We made our next plan while speed-walking back to the opposite side of the terminal. Good thing I wasn't wearing heels this afternoon ;) "Okay babe I'll go to Delta you go to Northwest," I said I as I ran up to the Delta desk. I explained our situation in great detail to the Delta representative only to hear the response that there were no more connecting flights out of Dulles tonight. I thanked her and walk/ran over to Tanner and his Northwest lady had found a LUCKY!! Or so I thought...that is until she mentioned that all she had was a $1,000 one-way first class ticket. And by booking this it would cancel the flight we already booked for $711 and he would have to book another flight home.

This seemed risky and expensive to me but I could see Tanner attempting to reach for his wallet. Fortunately, the lady was having problems setting up the flight for him and went to her associate for help. Her associate, we'll call him St. Northwest, began typing away at his computer with a smirk on his face. The next thing we know St. Northwest said, "I just saved you a ton of money. I did this and that and you only have to pay a $50 change fee." Uh yeah he did. We looked at each other in awe, we could not believe our ears! This guy not only saved us money he saved the day.

Now time to focus and what is really important. Tanner got on that flight and was able to spend time with his family during this tough time. I'm sure there will be tears, and I'm sure there will be smiles, and there will be lots of time spent remembering and celebrating their 'Gramps' life.

I only had the chance to spend a few moments with him here and there over the past 7 years but I really enjoyed his company. He was such a sarcastic, funny old guy. Always saying things to make us all laugh. Tanner has told me stories of many good times spent at his Gran & Gramps house over the years. I know he loved him a lot and will truly miss him. I am far from Wyoming right now but I will have Tanner and his family in my thoughts. Read more...

Laughter is the best medicine

Last night Austin and I were, in Tanner's words, losing our minds.

We were all pretty down after the Redskins loss. It's usually a little easier to deal with, but Sunday after we played the Chiefs it was a completely different feeling. It was just so disappointing! We are all behind the team and want them to win :(

But that is not the point of my post. The point of my post is to relive a snippet of our night. The two of us plus Austin peeled ourselves off the couch and went to Nick's Grill for good eats and drinks after the game. Not sure how we got on the subject but Austin came up with an intelligent piece of information I had never considered. Austin was saying how Tanner was in his 24th year of life (even though he won't be 24 until November 24th...omg it's his golden birthday, I love golden birthdays!!). Austin was arguing since he was born in 1985 one would assume that his birthday has already occurred and that he was 24 since it's so close to the end of the year.

That was kind of stretch for me, but I could see what he was getting at....Tanner on the other hand would not buy into this logic. So, I thought if I put it in my words then Tanner would agree. I explained what I thought Austin was saying and that yes Tanner was 23 but in his 24th year of life...and he was like no, absolutely not, I'm 23! He was being so stubborn about it. Austin was not using his inside voice and was like yeah its your 24th year and I was busting out the napkin to draw it out: from 0-1 is your 1st year, from 1-2 is your 2nd year, from 2-3 is your 3rd year....from 23-24 is your 24th year!!

We were both blue in the face trying to talk him into our way of thinking. But he was so adamant about his opinion on the matter. Which made the situation hilarious for some reason. Austin and I were literally DYING of laughter. By the end Tanner joined in, and for a moment we had forgotten how bad the Redskins suck. Read more...