Sunday, May 2, 2010

Once long ago Tanner purchased the P90X DVDs in with the plan of becoming ripped in 90 days. Well that lasted for quite a while until the the thought of working out in the living room one more time with Tony Horton become too much too handle. These DVDs have pretty much been collecting dust since and our eating habits have slowly evolved into asking each other what's the fastest thing we can cook or order. Which unfortunately usually happens to have the most calories and fat.

We had an awakening when we realized it was swimsuit season and have decided we definitely need to make a plan. We have a gym membership at Lifetime so Tanner has decided he is going to take his P90X workouts to the gym 6 days a week and I plan to get there as many days a week as I can. But let's be honest that's not the only part of a healthy lifestyle...food choices may be just as important if not more important. And the good news is that P90X came with a meal plan. We thought the first step to feeling healthier would be to give this plan another shot. So it starts today everyone. We went to the grocery store and spent most of our morning in the produce section and the rest of our time searching for things we had never purchased before like soba noodles and ginger. We then proceeded to empty our wallets for the cashier. It sucks that food that is good for you costs so much more than all those yummy, I mean nasty, processed foods.

We have been super healthy all day but we have also been wearing ornery pants...I guess if you're not used to eating healthy in portioned sizes you get ornery. We did get happy when we prepped and ate our amazing dinner, beef and broccoli stir-fry.
It was to die for. Its been about an hour and Tanner just said with wide eyes, "I would love to have waffles and syrup and bacon right now." I am pretty sure this is going to be quite the challenge but hopefully we will make some good habits in the process.

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Good for you both keep us updated.

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