Saturday Night Shuffle

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I dedicate this post to my dear friend, Paul: the questionably straight, bobblehead attorney who sports his infamous embroidary shirt -but only when all his hood-shirts are in the laundry.

Nats season is over :( and I definitely didn't go to enough games but this one was phenomenal....

...and not because they won
...and not because the weather was nice ...and not because of the service (we ordered these in the 2nd inning, they were delivered in the 9th) was phenomenal because some old guy began awkwardly serenading us in the bull pen and it was enhanced by the more awkward shuffle that Paul whipped was phenomenal because we found out that charles would be playing his heart out during a sax solo for the entertainment of the private bar we were at. was phenomenal because of the constant banter and harrassment between my mature husband and his 10 years his senior ultra-mature friend. was phenomenal because we hung out with a stereotypical crowd including: duvet cover hood shirt guy, the comedian, the wine connoisseur, the military man who hasn't seen many women lately, the non-union serious girl, the terrorist slash wannabe porn star, the unique saxophone player, the sarcastic class clown, and the quiet girl taking it all in. I'm not sure I saw one play but it was a memorable game


Morale Booster

This morning when I left the house I had no idea the adventures that were in store for me. Today was not a normal Friday, our entire office planned to participate in a firm-wide volunteer effort to give back to the community.

I don't know why it's always so nerve racking to drive new places around here, maybe because I'm used to the good ol' grid system. I found myself at exit 39 in Maryland which Google maps told me to take, then up ahead there was exit 39A AND exit 39B?! Google maps failed to mention this decision on my route. I swiftly picked up the trusty cell phone to ask Jen which one was right. Too bad my phone said 'S.O.S. Service Only' which was the type of service I was desiring yet the phone would not dial her number, so it literally came down to a Goofy Movie style decision...aaand...I chose to take 39B on the right. I drove for a few miles not quite confident I had made the correct decision. I caught a glimpse of my navigation system that had been searching for satellites the entire morning...until THAT moment. I had chosen the right road. Thanks NAV, I could have used your services ten minutes ago when I was having a panic attack.

But what was I supposed to do now? I was headed to pick up my friend Jen so she could show me where to park so I wouldn't get ticketed or towed...apparently its an art or learned by experience, skills I unfortunately do not have. Two problems, I had no idea which apartment was hers and no cell service. How did we ever survive without cell phones?....I thought back to those times and remembered PAYPHONE! Do they still exist? Let's hope. I drove for a while and then I spotted the grimy calling machine on the wall of 7Eleven. I gathered up all the change I could find in my car and there I was standing outside the SEV with the nasty phone pressed against my ear hoping Jen would decide to pick up the unknown number, oh and did I mention it was raining? By the 6th ring I was beginning to get pretty nervous but then I heard, "Hello?"

I got through that dilemma just to be faced with another...Jen was like "Oh a park!" I looked to where she was pointing and thought, well I have a small car but how the hell am I getting it in there?! There was only one way...the dreaded parallel park. My only experience with parallel parking was 1) when I failed my driver's test and 2) when I retook the test and the instructor from the DMV chose to ignore the fact that my car was pushing over a garbage can. Parallel parking is dangerous with the wrong person behind the wheel. Good thing I had a wise and patient coach. Because I was all, "I can't do this!" and she was all, "You're doing great!" And after about 5 tries and 5 freakouts I got my civic into its temporary home.

Usually the source of some serious stress is the use of the public transportation system, the Metro, but unusually that was not the case today. Because today I was with a pro so I just relaxed and let her take control. She successfully got us on and off like a nervous mother with her child and that ended up being the quietest time of my morning.

2 hours after my departure we finally made it to our destination. Our National office is where one of the many volunteer efforts was taking place. We went upstairs to meet with a group from Fairfax that provides mentoring, guidance and fun to teenage kids in the adoption system. We were each given a packet full of photos of a child and were provided with some really thoughtful information about each of them from a lady that works for the company and spends a great deal of time with the kids. It was sweet to hear how enthusiastic she was and you could really tell how much she loved all of them. I had never heard anyone use so many amazing adjectives and stories to describe a person. I think she is perfect for her job and her job is perfect for her.
We got chance to create about 40 scrapbooks with those photos and stories, 1 for each of the kids that they would receive as a Christmas present. It was such a fulfilling experience to know that we could do something to touch their lives without even getting to meet them. It also made me stop and think of how grateful I am for what I experiences, my family, my friends, my job. At first I thought taking a full day to slow down like this right in the middle of such a busy time at seemed kind of ridiculous considering the amount of work I had on my desk. But after this day I was really glad I spent my time doing something that meant something instead of just doing something.

Kirsten Cooley, CPA

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yep, that's right! I got my audit exam score today...AND...I passed!!! Finally, all 4 CPA exams are OVER! Time to celebrate! Read more...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I took today off to relax and recoup from my hellish past few weeks. I slept in til 9, took the pups for a nice, long walk, hopped in the shower, and had a delish lunch at Potbelley's with Tanner and Jairus. Since they were headed to Redskins park (which I feel has an unwritten rule that forbids women) I thought I would head to one of my favorite Ashburn nail salons for a chair massage and pedi/mani.

It usually is a great place to relax and read a book. Unfortunately for me, new nail technician, we'll call her Alexis, thought it was a time for conversation. In the midst of her upselling she managed to cut my freaking toe with her little cuticle cutter. I wanted to bust out some tears it hurt so bad. Then the whole rest of the time she was trying to control the bleeding that would not stop which managed to overshadow the whole relaxing experience. All the time smiling trying to pretend it didn't happen.

That should have been my cue to leave...but stupid me moved me and my belongings to the manicure station. At this location she not only managed to give me the crappiest french manicure but to also tell me about some really depressing experiences from her life. I did not know how to respond to this. Uh, I'm sorry your life sucks but I came here to relax, lady. The only positive that came out if this appointment was the interesting compliment I got, "If you were this beautiful in my country you would have many rich boyfriends and husbands." Read more...

My All-Time Favorite Redskins Videos

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here is about ten minutes of classic slash funny video provided by Dan Steinberg and Tanner. If I am ever having a crappy day these are some of my go-to's.

Bobos - Dan Steinberg interviews some Redskins

Vladimir interviews Kenny Mayne

Redskins blogger Matt Terl keeps Chris Cooley Dry


Undue Stress

Friday, September 11, 2009

As some of you may already know I have spent the past year and a half studying, sitting for, passing, failing, and re-taking the 4 painstakingly awful CPA exams that are required by my job. They have pretty much taken over every aspect of my life of which I am definitely not proud to admit :( Fortunately all of my hardwork has paid off and I have currently passed 3 out of the 4 nasty beasts.

I wish I could say - as of July 1st at 11 AM when I walked out of the testing center after taking the long and dreadful final section - that the CPA exam has no longer been a part of my daily life. I really, really do wish I could say that, but that my friends, would be a lie.

Whether or not I passed has been a burning question in my mind day in and day out and day in and day out and day in and day out....why? say. Well the biggest reason is because I have something a little more than pride riding on that score being 75 or higher and that something is a pretty spectacular bonus provided by EY.

You all know that feeling of expecting some important news online or in the mail...Everyday you have to talk yourself into walking to the mailbox and once you get there all of these thoughts come gushing into your mind and you sort of want to run away when that rush of adrenaline and intense panic comes across you and your heart feels like its going to beat of your chest. You know know it well.

One of the many downfalls of the whole CPA exam experience is that they don't tell you when your score is coming. It can take prettymuch anywhere between 3 & 12 weeks give or take a few days. The VA Board of Accountancy, on a much larger scale, is following the cruel practice of the cable guy/delivery service/plumber when he gives you a timeframe for service anytime between the hours of 7 AM & 7 PM. And just like with the evil service guy you are given no warning of arrival, that score can be online at any time. So the moment I felt I had given the VA BOA a reasonable amount of time to calculate my score I found myself on their website multiple times a day in hopes to give my anxiety ridden being some relief. Since I have become unnaturally obsessed with knowing that score I had to limit myself to checking only on Fridays. Plus having that anxious feeling multiple times a day every single day is just not healthy.

I began to think that maybe something was wrong with the VA BOA website so yesterday I decided to pick up the phone and call them. it comes....awful, anxious, want-to-crawl-out-of-my-skin feeling and the lady on the other line was so calm and collected when she told me she hadn't received my score. I told her that my friend took the exact same exam on the exact same date (July 1st) and she had already received her score. We are still waiting for another wave of scores, by the way we still haven't received our August scores, she said in a slow well thought out tone. At this point I wanted to climb through the phone and strangle her but before I did that I would say come on lady I've been waiting painfully since July 1st let's get a move on.

Here I am on day 75 starting to think that maybe something happened with my test and beginning to lose that positive attitude that believes that I passed. So, please everyone cross your fingers with me in hopes that tomorrow I will finally receive my score...oh ya, please also hope that I passed. Read more...

Proud Wife :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Story by JC on
Tanner Cooley: Smartest Man in DC

Plenty of all-star caliber athletes have siblings that are known solely for being the siblings of all-stars. But Tanner Cooley is something different. Something suddenly and disarmingly smart enough that we not only know who he is, but care about him being more than the bridge between the world and Chris Cooley.

It started with his playing the background on blog posts and youtube throw-off videos. Now he’s hosting radio shows and blogging for Maxim?

And it’s not that he takes the attention that comes his way as a result of his blood relation to a Pro Bowl tight end. It’s that he takes the attention and makes it into his own. He is making his own brand as an irreverent, humorous champion for college freshmen and sophomoric 30-somethings who love to be distracted at work. No matter what happens with Chris Cooley, be it a subpar season, a trade, or a career-ending injury, TC has positioned himself to be as much of a media savvy personality as his brother has.

And that’s how you make big opportunities out of very little effort.

Tanner Cooley, you are the man, sir. I may not endorse the team for which your brother plays, but I respect the hustle that you and your brother put in to create a vision beyond this season or this town.

Wanna take a shower with your clothes on?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A quote by Eric as he got off White Water Canyon at Kings Dominion. I chose to sit with Eric's bag of prizes and Liz and Allison's purses since I really hate getting wet at themeparks. Apparently I was the smart one...because these guys looked miserable when they walked down the sidewalk toward me.
I loved was such a great release to scream my head off on roller coasters after my 80-hour work week. I loved spending all day with Tanner and now I am listening to him on the radio. I loved people watching (an intense sport at themeparks)...although I did feel pretty out of place since I own a toothbrush. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful summer day and there's no doubt that I'll be back since we only hit like 1/10th of the park.
Tanner is up there...272 feet in the air getting ready for his 72 mph drop!!!