Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last week we hopped on a plane for our first vacation out of the country...we didn't prepare much besides booking the flight and hotel and packing our bags. Truthfully we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into at all.

I loved that scene in Sex and the City when Charlotte 'Picoopsy'd' in her pants because she accidentally swallowed some of the Mexican water. But the water was the least of our problems...our rude awakening was that not only did our cell phones cost an arm and a leg to use but when we got to our room we had no wireless internet and 2 double beds. We were shocked for a while as we stood on the freezing cold tile floor of our room...can we do this? No facebook, no phones, no email, no tivo, should we push the beds together?

The good thing about Cozumel is that these worldly things are quickly forgotten. No joke this place was amazing. There is no concept of time, an abundance of food, bikini bars, great new friends, and gorgeous views of the ocean. We pretty much laid around getting tan while trying to learn Spanish with, get this, absolutely no worries about anything. This was a much needed relaxing trip for the both of us.
Some quotes/things that I want to remember from our trip.
Imagine the following with a strong Spanish accent:
"Tequila is for la cabeza, comprende?" the guy that made us really strong margaritas right when we first arrived...
"Honeymooners?" everyone's first question for us :)
"Hola, skinny-mini," a girl downtown trying to compliment me so I would buy jewelry.
"Okie-Dokie & Skake it, Shake it but don't break it," quotes from our favorite bartender at the bikini bar.


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