Monday, December 29, 2008

This is the first time that we have vacationed to our home town.  It is so weird how you can leave a place and it stays the same in your mind.  But come to find out that it changes and grows while you're gone.  Kind of slowly in Logan but that's what we like about it.  Everything is so relaxed and slow-paced, people just don't seem to be in a hurry to get places.  I never thought we'd say it but we really miss Cache Valley.  We've tried to soak in every minute since we got here.  We've spent a lot of time with my family and at my grandma's casa doing holiday stuff.  We also got a chance to meet up with old friends and shared memories and new experiences as well.

The only thing that we both agree that we don't miss is the snow.  It's pretty to look at and actually quite astonishing.  But trucking around in it when you're trying to do everyday stuff is just not our idea of fun.


Ho ho hopefully the holidays are this great every year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Brake Lights.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi everyone, I did not fall off the face of the earth...I'm still here. There are lots of things keeping me busy. One that seems to take up a huge chunk of time is my commute to and from the office. Let's just say, that I didn't have a clue what rush hour traffic was until I moved here. I used to think that getting from 10th West to USU was the longest ten minutes of my life.

Okay picture this. I leave a good forty minutes before I should be sitting in my fluorescently lit cubicle. The first 15 minutes goes really quite smooth but the next thing I know I am at a dead halt for what seems no reason whatsoever. For the next 7 or 8 miles of travel movement is only at about 5 mph in my stick-shift civic. Let's just say there are only so many things to keep me entertained for that amazing 45-90 minutes of my life morning and night...phone calls, texting, schedule, xmas lists, flossing, calling radio stations, books on tape. Too bad I can't blog in the car...I would definitely complain about the peeps that cause the wrecks and especially about the gawkers.


Say cheeeese!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Tanner's 23rd bday was a night to remember. When I finally got off work we went over to Nance's for some good ol' fashioned present opening. He got some great gifts like a keurig, mario kart, and some 80's style luggage. After presents and birthday phonecalls we went to a restaurant called The Melting Pot. It was freaking heaven on earth, if you like melted cheese and chocolate (not together of course). We had our own little pots of warm cheese to dip bread in for our appetizer, we cooked our own steak, shrimp, and chicken for the main course, and the most spectacular part was the dessert which consisted of strawberries, rice crispy treats, fruit, and marshmallows to dip into warm pots of white chocolate and milk chocolate with reese's. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I love birthdays! The perfect excuse to spend a night out talking, laughing, and enjoying high-calorie food together.

TC: Events at The Verizon Center

Monday, December 1, 2008

It always seems like I am the one to write about events that Kirsten and I go to and the only ones we go to happen to be at the Verizon Center. We met a new friend (Shuster) that works at Comcast and his job is to "Manage relationships with people." Since he sort of has a relationship with my brother, we have got to know him pretty well. So far he has facilitated us going to two Capitols (hockey) games, a Coldplay Concert, a Wizards (basketball) game, and the Extreme gymnastic that Kirsten wrote about.

I am a huge fan of concerts and when we saw that Coldplay was coming to town we had to get tickets (thank God for creating Shuster's job). So on Halloween we went (as Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski) to one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Coldplay is like one of those bands that is good on the radio and f***ing amazing live. At one point in the show all four of them ran up into the crowd and played 3 acoustic songs! It made me want to take off all my clothes and run around but instead I just recorded them on my camera which I can't share it with you because it's on my laptop that crashed...again :-( You'll just have to take my word for it when I say, BEST SONG ever played live.

The hockey games could easily become one of my favorite events. I am definitely starting to like it. I wrote on my other blog a few weeks ago about the first game.
A few weeks ago before the Redskins game I met Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Ovechkin, and Mike Green down on the field. I will not lie and say I am a huge hockey fan cause I'm not. I have never been to or even watched a game. So for me, meeting these three was like meeting some regular guys excited for a football game. But after attending the Caps game last night, regular would be the understatement of a lifetime. I am not kidding when I tell you that what these guys do on the ice is nothing short of amazing. I mean I can remember when I was in middle school playing field hockey. It was hard for me to score a goal then...on an inexperienced 13 year old goalie. And last night, the Caps scored three goals. The most exciting came with 5 seconds left. It was an open netter that traveled the entire length of the ice.

The second hockey game was just as good. We got to sit behind the bench and behind some crazy Canadians that wore Davey Crockett coon skin caps...and there were 6 of them! I don't have a picture of them though I so badly wish I did, but if you click on the link you get the idea. 

So I hope that helps catch you all up on the fun times we try and have out here. I can't wait for more visitors to come. We had a blast with Billy and Nikki, and can't wait for our next guests, the Doyles.  Hopefully while they're here we can catch a Tina Turner concert