Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of my favorite things to do is scrapbook. When you think scrapbook you probably think craft room with a table covered in colored papers, stacks of photos, and well in my case a mess. I have tried a couple times in my life to pick up scrapbooking but it never really panned out for me. I would spend hundreds of dollars in scrapbook essentials that got used for a few projects and ended up piling up in a box.

And then one day I fell upon and I had a complete change of heart. Can I just say, I love shutterfly and I am not kidding. I can finally sit down and put a book together with all of our photos and memories without having to be too creative and without spending all that money on wasted supplies. It's addicting I can promise you that. I wanted my mom and sis to see some of pages from my most recent creation so here ya go :)


anna and ryan said...

so i really need to make my blog into a book. have you checked out yet? i still need to get on that...your book looks great though!

Kelsie said...

shutterfly is great!!!! and your book looks great!!!

LizKauai said...


rich19w said...

Well done! Have you tried the book option directly through iPhoto yet? It's super-easy to use and the print quality is better than I expected!

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