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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Story by JC on
Tanner Cooley: Smartest Man in DC

Plenty of all-star caliber athletes have siblings that are known solely for being the siblings of all-stars. But Tanner Cooley is something different. Something suddenly and disarmingly smart enough that we not only know who he is, but care about him being more than the bridge between the world and Chris Cooley.

It started with his playing the background on blog posts and youtube throw-off videos. Now he’s hosting radio shows and blogging for Maxim?

And it’s not that he takes the attention that comes his way as a result of his blood relation to a Pro Bowl tight end. It’s that he takes the attention and makes it into his own. He is making his own brand as an irreverent, humorous champion for college freshmen and sophomoric 30-somethings who love to be distracted at work. No matter what happens with Chris Cooley, be it a subpar season, a trade, or a career-ending injury, TC has positioned himself to be as much of a media savvy personality as his brother has.

And that’s how you make big opportunities out of very little effort.

Tanner Cooley, you are the man, sir. I may not endorse the team for which your brother plays, but I respect the hustle that you and your brother put in to create a vision beyond this season or this town.


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