Wanna take a shower with your clothes on?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A quote by Eric as he got off White Water Canyon at Kings Dominion. I chose to sit with Eric's bag of prizes and Liz and Allison's purses since I really hate getting wet at themeparks. Apparently I was the smart one...because these guys looked miserable when they walked down the sidewalk toward me.
I loved today...it was such a great release to scream my head off on roller coasters after my 80-hour work week. I loved spending all day with Tanner and now I am listening to him on the radio. I loved people watching (an intense sport at themeparks)...although I did feel pretty out of place since I own a toothbrush. It was the perfect way to spend a beautiful summer day and there's no doubt that I'll be back since we only hit like 1/10th of the park.
Tanner is up there...272 feet in the air getting ready for his 72 mph drop!!!


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