Laughter is the best medicine

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last night Austin and I were, in Tanner's words, losing our minds.

We were all pretty down after the Redskins loss. It's usually a little easier to deal with, but Sunday after we played the Chiefs it was a completely different feeling. It was just so disappointing! We are all behind the team and want them to win :(

But that is not the point of my post. The point of my post is to relive a snippet of our night. The two of us plus Austin peeled ourselves off the couch and went to Nick's Grill for good eats and drinks after the game. Not sure how we got on the subject but Austin came up with an intelligent piece of information I had never considered. Austin was saying how Tanner was in his 24th year of life (even though he won't be 24 until November 24th...omg it's his golden birthday, I love golden birthdays!!). Austin was arguing since he was born in 1985 one would assume that his birthday has already occurred and that he was 24 since it's so close to the end of the year.

That was kind of stretch for me, but I could see what he was getting at....Tanner on the other hand would not buy into this logic. So, I thought if I put it in my words then Tanner would agree. I explained what I thought Austin was saying and that yes Tanner was 23 but in his 24th year of life...and he was like no, absolutely not, I'm 23! He was being so stubborn about it. Austin was not using his inside voice and was like yeah its your 24th year and I was busting out the napkin to draw it out: from 0-1 is your 1st year, from 1-2 is your 2nd year, from 2-3 is your 3rd year....from 23-24 is your 24th year!!

We were both blue in the face trying to talk him into our way of thinking. But he was so adamant about his opinion on the matter. Which made the situation hilarious for some reason. Austin and I were literally DYING of laughter. By the end Tanner joined in, and for a moment we had forgotten how bad the Redskins suck.


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