Go Caps!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last night was the most interesting Caps game of all time.

#10 We rode the Metro for the first time for convenience sake. Convenience kind of dissipated when we got stuck in traffic on the way to the Metro station and also when everyone got on the train and wondered where Tanner and I were as they pulled away from the station.
#9 We got front row seats next to the glass from Shuster!
#8 I biffed it on the way to our seats at the very bottom of the stairs. I stood up so fast that the gasping of the crowd quickly turned into an eruption of cheering. I was so embarrassed, people were literally cheering.
#7 Comcast showed us on TV!
#6 We got to hang out with some of the players after they lost...they didn't seem too upset though...maybe because they have over 80 games a year.
#5 We met Jacques Cousteau's son at Clyde's after the game. We found out that he was with Crocodile Dundee when he was attacked by sting-rays which led to his death.
#4 We walked from Clyde's to the Metro station and Amanda led us all over the station trying to get us to the right place with many failed attempts. All the while a weird stalker guy was following us. Soooo creepy. We ditched him and Preston got on and off at every stop to make sure he wasn't in any of the cars.
#3 Preston did pull-ups on the bar in the metro car.
#2 Tanner nearly peed his pants. I feel like now he knows how i feel on occasion
#1 When we got back to the station we walked up to our cars to go home and Chris's headlights were on....as we got closer we realized that his car was RUNNING! He left it in the parking lot running for 7 hours and no one stole it. Classic.


Cassidy said...

lucky lucky lucky!!!!

jhjonze said...

Holy cow! What an eventful evening. I'm so glad no one stole his car!

LeeAnn said...

This is gonna sound crazy, but i thought I saw you guys on tv when i was watching that game but then i thought -no way. but HA, yes i did! I LOVE HOCKEY! I'm so jealous you got to go to a real game!

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