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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's just say that I am pretty much abnormal. There are a lot of things that I had never experienced before I met Tanner.  I wanted to make a list of a few of the things so Tanner can know the impact he has made on my path to normalcy.

Until I met you...
I never knew that the cloth napkin at restaurants was meant for your lap.
I had never cleaned a toilet.
I had never cooked/baked anything on my own.
I thought I had never been to the ocean. (you helped me realize that since I had been to Alcatraz, I had been to the ocean.)
I had never played a game of checkers.
I didn't know the correct way to use a toothpick.
I had never been forced to try the following foods: sushi, asparagus, spinach, tomato soup.

These are just a few things I came up with off the top of my head.  There are many, many more.  And I'm ashamed to admit it but I'm sure there are more to come.  Thanks Tanner!


Jena said...

checkers... Kirst what is wrong with you?!!! And SuSHI, probably the best food ever! you MUST come to Samuari 21 with me when you are ever in UT again and down here! PS, do you have any of your prom/dance dresses? My little sis wondered if you might let her barrow one?

The Krebs said...

I didn't try sushi until I met Jon and actually it was Stacy who convinced us to try it. I'm not that big of a fan! I'll tell you what I didn't know anything about cars and 4-wheelers until I married Jon. The things you learn when you get married! I'm glad that you and Tanner are happy. Your such a cuttie! How is your family doing?

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