What a day!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tanner and I got tickets to go down to see #3 Utah against #1 Georgia last night! So we decided to make a day of it. Tanner took off work and we drove down early ate at the OG, dropped off my wedding dress (finally!) to be cleaned and preserved, and then all the way down to Park City to go to the Reebok store specifically (we had some money there, in short). Well...it turns out to our demise that the Reebok store had gone out of business!!! We couldn't believe it! The long drive for nothing, nada, zilch! The rest of the night ended up making up for our disappointment though. We went to Red Rock in Park City then drove to the U for the meet. We loved it! Utah and Georgia were both amazing at every event. The best part about it was that Utah won. All in all we had a great night! It might seem ridiculous but I recommend verifying a store is still in business before you drive two hours to get there.


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