Sunday, March 30, 2008

So, last night a bunch of us decided to go see 21. Which was great, yet not the topic of my post. We all arrived at different times, in different vehicles. Tanner and I got there first and had to save like 87 seats for peeps. Then Jimmy Bohm arrived, he told us he drove his golf cart down from his house and parked it outside on the grass...which is clearly visible from every angle (the mall, 2nd East, the theater, etc.) I mean it was dang convenient for him so he didn't have to find a parking spot in the always full lot, but honestly. Well we all watched and freaking loved the movie and when we exited the theater and it was a sight to see...there was a cop car and mall security checking out the was hilarious. They harrassed Jimmy and would not let him drive his golf cart home because the cop "didn't want to end up talking on CNN when someone blows a stop sign." Our night came to a sudden halt so the boys could go to Jimmy's get his truck and load up the golf cart and haul it home. So, it wasn't so convenient after all but it was pretty comical.


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