I mean, I guess it could be worse…right?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You know it’s pretty bad when you start thinking of the all the positive things and they sound like this…”Well at least I didn’t break my nose…or my glasses,” “At least you didn’t bite through your lip,” “At least I didn’t chip my tooth,” “and thank goodness I am an accountant not a model.”

I am such a moron! Last night I stood up a little too fast in my closet when I heard the phone ringing and stepped smack into the doorframe. I didn’t even see it coming. The next thing I know I am sprawled out on the floor screaming as blood flowed from my nose all over our white carpet. Tanner came to the rescue and after he saw I was truly all right he managed to let out a little laugh. It was quite the night of freezing my face off while I tried to ice down the frightening swelling…I have the worst luck!

All I have left to show from last night is a ‘honkin’ fat lip and swollen nose and I guess I bruised my ego to top it off. I look like such a freak but the best part about it is that it doesn’t hurt too much to smile…so I can at least try to laugh about it.


The Veticas said...

There is actually a name for those kind of things...they are called "Natalie tricks". My family named it that. I have gotten better as I've gotten older, but when I was younger I would do that stuff all the time. Miss you guys! Love your new place!

Chris and Leslie said...

That sucks, but now you have a funny story I guess. Your house looks great! I'm definitely jealous of our cute bedroom set. We have not invested in a new one yet... Hope you guys are doing well.

Chris and Leslie said...
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Jena said...

really Corkey... you are such a spaz! I really don't remember you being such a cluts(?) really though i'm sorry! wish you'd take a picture already and post that fat lip of yours! Get better!!!

I"m still jealous and want your house!

LuCinda said...

Sorry Kirst, I still can't stop laughing. hahaha. I think as you get older you are turing more and more into your mother. I do shit like that on a daily basis, still, to this day. The things I do never amaze me. However mine don't leave marks, usually.

Courteney Cole said...

I need a pic

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