Oh 4/15 where are you?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April may be the cruelest month...(well and January, February, and March...) Busy season is really kicking my butt this time around. I spend endless hours staring at the computer doing endless amounts of work! Help! I love it when I think I am wrapping up and I am told I have to do JUST one more thing before I leave and its already 9 p.m.!! That 1 hour a night I spend on my couch just isn't satisfying me anymore. No joke when I get home sometimes this is my night: late dinner, then plop on the couch because I am so exhausted, then I climb into bed to wake up to do it all over again.

I'm missing out on all those simple pleasures in life...like 2-day weekends, watching LOST, doing the laundry once a week, leaving the office when its light outside, putting my relationships first, homecooked meals, yoga class (okay so I never went to yoga class but if I wanted to I wouldn't have time).

I literally had to sell my soul yesterday to leave at 5:30 to go to a Nationals baseball game. Tanner really wanted me to go with him and it wasn't until about 5 p.m. that my fate was finally decided and we found out Tanner would not be going stag. By the way I am really lucky to have such an understanding husband...It was such an amazing night even though the Nats didn't win. It was perfect weather for a baseball game and I made sure to really enjoy every minute.

The good news is April 15th lies just around the corner and soon there will be many more wonderful nights like these. Sometimes I need to step back and realize that yes my job is tasking on me and my personal life at certain times of the year. But also realize that I am lucky to have a job during these tough times when others do not, I am getting great experiences and I am building an outstanding resume even if it does come with a few tear-stained late nights.


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