Going Green

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tanner and I woke up to a nice surprise after a crazy night at the Caps game and hanging out in DC. We opened up the sports section of The Washington Post to see our bright, shining faces watching and celebrating Mike Green's open-netter. I can't believe someone froze this moment in time. We love Mike and Tanner actually got one of his hockey sticks after the game...what a night!


The Jensens said...

How exciting to be in the paper.

Sounds like you guys are having fun.


mrs. folau said...

Kirsten, I have to say something so i don't feel like a stalker anymore - i love looking at your blog! I always feel a little funny about it, cause our best friend days were really back in the first grade, and really I think i was the third wheel with you and michelle kilano... so i hope this isn't weird... :) I want to tell you how gorgeous you are. I always want to be prettier after I look at you! Tanner is super lucky to have such a gorgeous wife. I am so happy that life is so great for you guys!

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