Monday, February 23, 2009

Today is my grandma's 82nd birthday...and I know she will never read this so I can be completely honest about everything I love about her. My grandma has always been a big part of my life. I've spent enough time at her house that I would consider it my home. I wish I could hang out with her right now and celebrate. I did the best thing that I could do being 2,000 miles away...a birthday phone call...I could hear the excitement in the background and I longed to be there even more.

Grandma is such a good-hearted, fun-loving little lady. She is so much fun I definitely know where I get my love for gossip, my inability to remember my point in a story, and my natural bossy-ness. Seriously Grandma is so selfless she is always there for us, like second mom.

QVC is Grandma's staple. Growing up she was always buying something new for herself or us from the wonderful home shopping network. She swears by all the products that she buys from there and is always excited to show us her newest treasure. Grandma's love for shopping extends beyond that of what she can order by phone to the many trips that she makes to JCPenney and beyond. She humbly wears the most beautiful jewelry and coordinating outfits. I actually think its the woman beneath that makes everything so beautiful.

I personally feel like bringing a boy home to meet Grandma is just as important as bringing him home to mom and dad. And thankfully it was an instant bond between Tanner and her. I secretly think she may even like him more than me...they are so funny together. Tanner is very interested in everything about Grandma from her grandma skin and its lack of elasticity to her face full of gorgeous wrinkles. Some people get mad at Tanner for bothering her about her aging body but she is not sensitive about it she just laughs and laughs at his intrigue.

With each visit Tanner also tries to learn some new spanish words...he has pointed out to us that Grandma talks to us in english intermixed with spanish, spanglish if you will, and we don't even realize it. Our favorite thing to harrass her about is the fact that she can't say sheets without getting embarrassed. Her cute little accent makes it sound like she needs to wash her mouth out with soap.

I would just like to mention a few more things. Grandma is the greatest cook I know. She makes the best tacos, enchiladas, and tamales on the earth. Really anything she cooks is to die for. And I love her stories...I even got one today when I called her. She told me that today when Grandpa invited her to lunch at the Sizzler, she said she was too tired (not realizing he was asking her out to celebrate her birthday which she said she forgot) she told him to bring her something and she was laughing about what he had shown up with, totinos pizza, you know the kind from the frozen food section...catch my drift on the story-telling?

I could go on and on about my wonderful grandma but its time for bed. Happy birthday Gramma and may you enjoy many more!


Courteney Cole said...

We have the best grandma in the whole world...hands down. We missed you guys at the party!

LuCinda said...

Between your blog and Courte's blog I have had just about enough crying for this week. I am so glad you have had the chance to know your beautiful grandma, she is amazing!

victoria said...

True that. You couldn't have said it better!

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