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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday week...Part II
I thought it would be fun to go to the Nats game Friday night after my birthday to continue the celebration. I kind of figured the chances of going would be slim, but when Tanner found out I wanted to go he did everything in his power to get us tickets. We ended up getting freaking amazing seats from our friend Eric from Comcast Sports. Surprisingly (haha) there weren't many peeps at the game and after the 7th inning we moved down to the FRONT ROW. It was such a great experience and Tanner got a chance to bully Zimmerman every time he came up to bat.

Everyone was just so happy to be out at the game on such a great night. There was a group of couples sitting behind us that you could tell were definitely enjoying themselves. We were eavesdropping (not by choice) on their funny conversations and realized that they seemed kind of like us slash nothing like us. The nerd, the preppy, the party animal, the drunk, the voice of reason, the lawyer, the future doctor, and the accountant had a great time. We ended up hanging out at the bar getting to know each other til it closed and then headed over to the Shadow Room. It was pretty interesting from the bouncer thinking my ID was fake to one of our new friends getting thrown out.

The next morning was a late wake up that was followed by preparation for Tanner's first radio show The Sports Hub on WJFK 106.7. He was really nervous and excited all day. All the preparation was well worth it because Tanner and Nick, his sidekick, had a freaking awesome first show. They talked about sports and had many awesome guests Steve Wyche (from NFL network, Jamie Mottram (Yahoo! blog editor) and Chris even called in from Wyoming. After the show we met up at Buffalo Wing University for some out-of-this-world amazing wings, played bags for the first time, and then went to an ACDC cover band concert where we were totally out of place but had boatloads of fun.


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