An interesting day at the pool

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I went to the pool to relax and read a book. Little did I know that wouldn't be as simple as it sounds. There was far too much going on to focus on Nights in Rodanthe. Warning: People watching can suck you in no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

There was the ugly, large girl with the full VA Tech sweatsuit on (in 90 degee weather, mind you) with one of those loud voices that carries and pierces the eardrum talking about cute boys and parties to her bikini clad high school friends. And the lonely middle-aged woman tanning, listening to music, and reading a book. She seemed quite harmless until her favorite song came on her iPod. Then it was a blur of snaps, claps, and singing. I was ready to pull out the video function on my cell phone. That is until I got distracted by hairy chested dad. I'll be honest it was the most red hair I had ever seen on a person. His legs, his chest, and his back were a forest of vibrant red hair.

Today I learned that preggo girls want to be tan too. Blonde-pregnant-pretty girl stripped down to her favorite tube-top swimsuit and instantly fell asleep in the sun. Grampy and Grammy still want to catch some rays too. Grandpa stayed busy with a crossword and Grandma spent the day people-watching. Which is quite understandable considering our surroundings. So, next time I want to read a book I will definitely have to find a different spot.


jhjonze said...

I love people watching. And it's true that it can suck you in no matter how hard you try. Josh always gets mad and tells me to quit staring at people, but I can't help it! :)

Jena said...

can i come to your pool, cause mine is way not interesting! Dude thats the funniest!

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