Bones & Chuckles

Friday, January 1, 2010

Two nights ago Tanner was falling asleep on the couch, I asked him to take the dogs out so we could go to bed. But he was adamant about staying exactly where he was so he could 'watch' whatever was blaring on the TV screen. I was like whatever as he was slowly falling into a deep slumber.

Then he spoke up, "What was your answer for the dogs?"
Me: "What? Uh should we take them out or just go straight to bed?"
Tanner: "No, How many points did you score for your blog?"
Me: "What? Let's go to bed, you are asleep."

Not sure why but at this point I still found myself trying to reason with him to try to determine if the dogs had gone out recently enough that we could just go straight to bed. So I ask, "What's your answer for the dogs?"
Tanner: "Bones & Chuckles."


LizKauai said...

My #2 son talks, walks, and once drove in his sleep.
Yes. He is still alive.
Happy New Year!

Courteney Cole said...

hahahahahahaha yes....i love and miss these great moments

LuCinda said...

hahaha Kind a like "Puke, Blah!"

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