Good Morning :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

This morning I woke up early and went to Lifetime, which just so happens to be the best gym on the earth sans the outrageous amount of Mariah Carey throwbacks they share with us. I swear I saw Mariah in a bikini in 2 different music videos and also heard her screeching 2 or 3 other times during the course of my morning.

Anyway, I was having this amazing morning. I was so into my workout that I didn't want to stop. Those squats and box jumps were somehow enjoyable today. But when the clock struck 7:15 a.m. I had to go downstairs to shower. And if you know me you know that I for some reason really hate to shower. I do it because its the socially acceptable thing to do but I despise it - I hate being wet and cold, I hate shaving, I hate blow-drying my thick, ridiculous hair - I just flat out hate it. But today was different.

There I was basking in the rain of the shower thinking "Wow, this really is an amazing shower experience. My day is just so wonderf..." and then there goes my razor. Drop. Smack. The head of the razor goes shooting off into the unknown. Shit I really wanted/needed that razor. So, I grab a towel and leave my wonderful shower - with the water streaming full blast - on a hunt. I walk down the aisle of showers in the direction I imagined the razor head would have landed. It is nowhere in sight. I was just about to crouch to get a good look at the floor but then decide against it since I am in the community shower and crouching near the stalls might be awkward and frowned upon. So I stood there helpless, dripping wet and ready to give up. I trudged back to my shower and then I saw it. My razor was gleaming in the fluorescent lights in a shower stall in the opposite direction of where I was searching. Yes!!! I don't know why this was so important to me, but it was, and now I was back to my good morning.

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Billy and Nikki said...

im so happy you love lifetime!!!! its my favorite place in the world! and im happy you had a good morning!

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