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Saturday, February 20, 2010

We spent the day volunteering for HART (Homeless Animals Rescue Team). As soon as we got to the adoption event we were each handed a leash and sent on our way to try to get our pups adopted. Tanner was given a pitbull/lab mix named Minka. She had quite a powerful bark, that Minka, I got it directly into my ear at one point and I feel like my ear is still ringing. My border collie Jenner, which we decided to call Bruce, was a such a lover. He wanted to greet every dog and every person that he could. It was so adorable.Good news is someone applied to adopt Jenner. It was so exciting to meet the potential adopters and spend the afternoon with them while they got to know Jenner better at the back of Petco. Every once in a while Tanner would walk Minka back to where we were and each time I saw her I felt like she was maturing a little bit. She just needed someone to put their foot down with her but also show her some love. By the end of the day she was hardly barking at all. The three hours spent with these pups was freaking exhauting but so rewarding.

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LizKauai said...

What a great thing to do! Thanks for putting this up. Any pix of Minka?

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