Friday, May 7, 2010

Last night I read a couple articles from a blog called the The Happiness Project. This month's theme is Mindfulness, it had a quiz so I decided to take it and I did pretty awful. Being mindful means not being careless, really paying attention to the task at hand a.k.a unitasking..(I was just trying to watch a movie and write this post at the same time putting a half effort into both), being attentive, focused, and well you get the idea.

After reading this article I felt inspired to make an effort to be more mindful. Being conscious of the fact that you need to work on something is the easy part, actually following through is another story. I was thinking about this all morning from the time I got more mindful, be more mindful, be more mindful...until the moment I watched myself open my trunk, set down my bags, pick up my purse, reach up to close the trunk, and Oh No! There is, or shall I say was, my keys. Smooth. Apparently mastery of mindfulness isn't achieved on day one.


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