Thursday, April 24, 2008

My family decided it was about time for a family vacation. We decided to hit up Moab this past weekend and here is the proof that we had some good times.
Arches National Park

This was a really fun hike and I might add that it was "highly strenuous." It was absolutely worth it to make the hike, I highly recommend it. Ty, Courte, Tanner, and I got off the trail somehow and ended up scaling walls in order to get a good view of the "Delicate Arch." I don't know why we all went along with it, we should have known that it wasn't the right way. We made it though and took some beautiful photos.
Muscle Man Ty Courte was really excited to wake up to the sights and sounds of the Super 8 motel that we stayed at,
Deadhorse Point State Park

We thought it would be fun to take our puplers to Moab. Come to find out on the first day of our adventure that animals are not allowed in the National Parks. Wow! Would have been nice to know before we left Logan I even had an awesome dog-sitter on call. Well the visitor center guide told us that they could come with us to Deadhorse Point because it is a State Park. They came with us on a little hike and loved it. Jack was rolling around in the dirt and they were both searching everything out.

Canyonlands National Park

For some reason Tanner, Ty, and Courte thought it was really funny to get really close to the edge or pretend like they were falling off the edge of the trail. It wasn't funny the fall would be fatal and I really didn't appreciate it. But, I guess I can laugh about it now.

Courteney scaring mom, dad, & me.

Watch this video....Ty & Tanner made an awesome recovery after this daring act.

You may ask yourself what Tanner is doing but there is a perfectly good explanation for his yoga position. Tanner wanted to reinact the postcard that he saw earlier that said "Yoga Moab." This must be a pretty common occurrence for them to advertise it.
This doesn't look very cool to the untrained eye but this rock was really hard and scary to climb up on.
Tanner's artsy side came out on this trip.Ah...serenity.


Jena said...

its hard to explain over the internet, so you'll have to call me and then i can explain how to do it. I steal stuff off all my sisters sites that they hae all the pages and stuff on. You guys need to come down when it gets a little warmer, we'll go tanning, and swimming and all that stuff.(quick trip to vegas)

Gareth said...

What a great blog you have here guys! Love it! We should've shopped around before we started our piece of crap, yours is so much better! Oh Well, we can always start a new right! Miss you guys!


Gareth says HI!

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