Summer is in the air...

Friday, April 18, 2008

I am so sick of this crappy weather...but I think summer is in the air. There have been a few golf outings as well as some other fun activities outdoors for us. I love it!

Tanner and I golfing in Virginia with Chris, Christy, Scott, Craig. Christy and I had gotten pedi's & mani's earlier this day and gone shopping then we decided to meet the boys at the golf course. It was a nice day but the men were not so happy, they were all doing really bad...Tanner is displaying how they all felt in this picture. All in all it ended up being pretty fun I think Christy and I cheered them up a bit.

Dr. Nelson's casa

We went up here to film a funny "dunk contest" for Chris's blog. That didn't end up happening but we had fun. There was a little 360 bball action, some fast pitch batting practice, ping-pong, and some artwork de Kirsten as well.

Logan River - Aggie Alumni Golf Tourney
(Pic #1: Jake Stewart, Tanner, me, Christy, Chris, Jeff Crosbie; Pic #2: Tanner & Jimmy Bohm)
Happy Sunday...a great day for golfing at Logan River again : )

Two of my goals this summer: to learn to play golf and ping-pong. Big Dreams, I know.

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hey did you ever hear back from the modeling agency?

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