Batteries have a crappy life.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

They work their whole lives and then they die.

Last night we went to Brentsville to go on a ghost hunt in an old haunted jail. I did not want to go at all but Tanner forced me to. We made the forty-five minute drive with Gareth and Brooke and as we got closer to Brentsville it got more and more scary. I'm not sure if it was because there were no lights in the town or if we were telling our own ghost stories in the car. Tanner was the only one of us who claimed to not believe in spirits. But I was scared s#*%less and we hadn't even arrived.

When we finally got there the spookiness only increased. There were some professional ghost hunters (John #1 & John #2) telling stories of how they got into ghost hunting and sharing experiences of investigations they been involved with. A story that stood out to me was when they first started investigating the courthouse and John #2 set down a camera, a spool of fishing string, and flashlight and walked downstairs. He went back to pick it up and couldn't find the spool...he searched all over for it and then gave up thinking he must have misplaced it. Later that night when they were getting ready to leave the lights were off and something hit John #2 in the chest and they heard plastic hit the ground. They turned the light on and saw the spool lying on the ground. We were in the courthouse...instant chills.

My creepy experience involved batteries. Before I left the house I put brand new batteries in my camera. I took a few photos in the haunted courthouse and started to video the ghost hunter when suddenly my camera stopped recording and the screen said batteries exhausted. Right after the videographer that was there said his batteries were dead and he had been charging them for two straight days. The ghost hunter, John #1 overheard us and says this is a pretty common occurrence. Freaky!
After being primed for the haunted jail it was time to go in. We all started to enter the building and I was trying with all my might to stay outside in the cold, non-haunted yard. But nope, that wasn't allowed the next thing I knew I was standing in pitch black nearly peeing my pants. Apparently this jail had two named James Clark who was a prisoner in the jail and a slave girl named Agnus. They told us a few things about the spirits, James is an angry spirit that hates women and when you walk into the room where he resides you get a sense of heaviness and can instantly get a headache or become nauseous. Once when the ghost hunters were trying to interact with the spirits they told Agnus that she could leave, and James said "Get out. Get out of here!" and John #1 the ghost hunter had to shine his uvb flashlight on him to calm him down. And Tanner expects I'm going to walk in the room where this happened, hell no! Tanner and about five other people who are making a movie called "Ghosts Don't Exist," went upstairs to try to interact with the ghosts. Nothing happened but they are going to review the tapes to see if they can detect any voices with their high frequency machines.

Tanner was a skeptic, not me I believed everything they were saying. They wouldn't go through so much trouble to make it all up. What a way to spend a Saturday night. It was interesting to do it once but I'm pretty sure I would ever do it again.


jhjonze said...

You're a better wife than me. There is NO FREAKING WAY I would have gone at all! And if I did go and the thing with the batteries happened I would have driven home alone! I'm kind of a baby!

The Krebs said...

I think I would have chickend out as soon as we got there. I love stuff like that but when it's on T.V.! I think Jon would have been like Tanner on the whole thing but me....I would have believed every bit of it. Hope you guys are doing good. Happy Halloween!!!

Billy and Nikki said...

I can't believe you gave in! Remember last year Tanner and Billy wanted us to go to a haunted house so bad, so I have the biggest chills about your camera! scary. We just got tickets to come out there can't wait to see you and your cute house.

Cassidy said...

i second that hell no. you are crazy, your husband is crazy.. Talk about getting into the the spirit of halloween. serously kirst. I am such a baby. I bet it is nice to finally be home after all the brain straining fun.

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