Rare as Hen's Teeth

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Well it's time to say goodbye...it's exciting yet sad at the same time. Today is our last day at our EY training and it's crazy but we've formed some amazing friendships in the span of a week.

We bonded over a lot of things such as working through an entire corporate tax return together. We were all soooo drained...we decided to reward ourselves by getting out of the Q-Center and going out to dinner at an awesome little restaurant named Urban Grille. We had lots of great lunch conversations and fun times at the etiquette dinner, outlet mall, and margaritaville. But the one thing that we just can't seem to get over started on day one. Someone (we'll call her Betty) hated us for no reason whatsoever. She warned people about us. She didn't like our answers even if they were better than others, or she would give credit to someone else for it. She always had a smile, but she had fire behind her eyes. She gave us blank stares in the halls and she was out to get us. We had a hard time thinking of an uncommon commonality but we definitely found one.

The good part was our grandma was there to save us with encouragement and life lessons like a "bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," and sayings like "rare as hen's teeth," "don't judge a book by it's cover," and "we's done here." She could always make us laugh and she was such a sweet and sincere lady. The best part about her sayings was trying to explain them to each other. Dimitri asked "what's a hens?" and I was like "What?!? You don't know what a hen is!" I went on to explain it and we ended up laughing so hard because of the confusion. He knows what a hen is...he just didn't understand what we were saying. It was great.

We have had lots of unforgettable moments during the week and having each other around made the unbearable hours staring at each other in the classroom bearable.

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jhjonze said...

Sounds like fun, but I'm so very glad you updated! I was beginning to wonder how you were clear over there!

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