"Sinny" Bears

Friday, October 31, 2008

Until this year I never had a chocolate covered cinnamon bear. My sister and Ty introduced them to me one cold night in March. I was pretty leery of the concoction…I am not a big on any of the ingredients. But I ventured out of my comfort zone and popped one in. And that’s when those interesting little candies got their name, “sinny bears.” I am pretty sure that I ate the entire bag leaving none for anyone else in the vehicle, they were amazing.

Well the point of this post is to complain a little. It turns out that no one in the state of Virginia has even heard of a chocolate covered cinnamon bear and they give me the stink eye whenever I express my love for them. Thankfully I have the best sister on earth to send me a box of them to fill my desire and to share them with the deprived people of the east coast.

I am introducing to the people in my office and I think they will be a hit and eventually spread across the state. At least I hope they do so I can buy them at the store instead of waiting for the postman to deliver them.


Courteney Cole said...

Yay for sinny bears!!! Mmm...they look so good. I might have to go grab a bag for myself now. Happy Halloween!

jhjonze said...

They are delicious! I would probably cry if I couldn’t get them. You definitely should get everyone hooked so they will have to start selling them there!

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