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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cardon's had a beautiful ceremony in a well air-conditioned room at July end. Let us not make mention of another ceremony held outside in the blazing sun. Unfortunately for our guests it was the temperature of what hell might feel like. What a fun day! I loved being able to hang out with the girls for one last day before moving (in less than a week I will no longer reside in Logan, Utah) The wedding turned out amazing and Wendi was the most beautiful I have ever seen her in my entire life.Here are the lovely greeters...Tanner ended up sitting with us at the wedding book and knew someone new about every ten feet. Thanks to Tanner I am super-social. I love how awkward I can be at's amazing.Here are few more photos from the wedding day.
Just the girls...Ashley's naked baby Caroline & AnaleseAnalese & Kira both caught the bouquet...dun...dun...dunnnnnn! Justin and Wendi making their escape while getting pelted by bird seed...Good luck to Wendi and Justin and may they live happily ever after!

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Cassidy said...

So beautiful. i can't believe how much fun it looks like. I am so sad that i couldn't be there. I hate that. I always miss everything. So look at you moving away. wow. so fun though. thank goodness for blogs huh.

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