TC: Tube-a-palooza 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

Today I couldn't be happier that I live in Utah. We have a special little thing called Pioneer Day. NO WORK! Kirsten's friend Ali had this great idea to go float the Oneida Narrows. We graciously accepted her offer as well as invited our good friends, the Doyles.

The trip actually began yesterday with a trip to all local stores in search of tubes that we manage to buy every single year. Well, no luck. No tube at Wal-Mart, Al's, Sports Authority, K-Mart and after mo-pedding to all of those locations, we decided to hit up Big-O Tire in the morning. Did I mention that Pioneer day is a state wide holiday? Good, Big-O...closed. Well it just so happens that there are two local stores not celebrating with all the other Mormon Pioneers, Kings and Ron Keller Tire, who both sell tubes! Doyles went to RKT and got generic black tubes while Ali voyaged to Kings and got Kirsten and I River Rats.

So Ali invited us, her boyfriend, and everyone else still in Logan (not easy to make one large group leave on time). So after picking up our tubes Kirst and I drove to meet the Doyles at RKT so they didn't have to wait for the rest of us alone. Wait...wait...wait. Still no group so we decided to make the trip across state lines without them.

Over the river and through the woods couldn't have held truer. We parked the Purple People Eater (Doyle's Car) at the bottom and all rode together in the White Knight (Durango) up to the top. After unloading the tubes, sun screening our white bods (some not enough), we began our decent down the river. Note about Kirsten: she doesn't like water....or swimming. But that didn't stop her.

We all got in and the 3.5 hour, 7 mile journey began. For the most part this is a very Lazy river. I did mention it took 150 minutes to traverse 7 miles didn't I? There are however 3 waterfalls along this ride. The first of which Ryan managed to flip his tube immediately before Kirsten flipped hers right on his head. Being that I was a few feet behind the two hooligans I had a perfect view of the whole event. Even the part where Kirsten thought she had found her tube but really was on top of Ryan's holding him under the current kicking furiously to escape the massive amount of water pouring atop the two. AWESOME. Well it was awesome for the viewer, the viewee, not so much. Oh, Anna and I made it though unscathed.

Yawn....lazy river......quiet conversation......waterfall #2! "I'm going to die!" screams Kirsten while dragging Anna with her into the current. "I don't want to (garrgle, garrgle), ARGH!" Now I thought the first waterfall adventure was awesome but after searching for the right word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is all I have. sunburned....waterfall #3! Well I wish that this one was as special as the first two but it sure wasn't. We all made it through like it wasn't even there. Besides almost missing the get-out point, the rest of the float was filled with R & R. We loved hanging out with the Doyles on our float trip. These are the times we will miss when we move.


Ryan said...

Greatest tubing that I have ever been a part of. Why does my car get the gay name and yours gets the sweet one? That is my only concern. And I am peeling dead skin off my body as we speak from the sunburn i received.

Tanner said...

The Minnesota Vikings of old were once nick named the purple people eaters and they rank up there with the best of all time. Don't complain about your car's nickname.

laci said...

Hey Cooleys...this Laci (Wallentine) Buttars. Random, I know. We are living in Virginia this summer and the other day at the mall we passed a Redskins store with a Cooley jersey hanging in the window, then I ran across your blog, kinda weird. Nate is selling security systems out here and when anyone starts talking football with him, he jokes that he played against your brother in high school (even if it was one game) :). Mostly as an ice breaker, but he jokes that sometimes it seals the deal. Anyways, just thought I'd say hi! I'm curious to try that tube ride now.

Cassidy said...

the good old days of tubin, you took me back for a couple of minutes. oh but then bently had a blowout.... sounds like fun. When are you guys moving? So fun I love new beginnings.

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