These boots are made for walkin'

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My longing for my very own pair of cowboy boot slippers began on Tanner's birthday last year. He got some from his Gran and I confiscated them and wore the size 12 heaters around the house all winter long. They were perfect in my Tanner inflicted sub-zero house. I loved them! Well, I loved them until one fateful day in February when I was running up the stairs and the oversized toe of the boot caught the edge of the stair and I fell flat on my face in the landing. After that painful day I never placed them on my feet again.

I had partially, but not completely, forgotten about them until last week when I was in Red Lodge, Montana. I passed a western style shop and a pair of the beauties caught my eye from the window. My warm memories came flooding back and I had to have them! I must say that they were very overpriced but that didn't hold me back, unfortunately Tanner did. I didn't give up without a fight...but I didn't go home with them either.

We stopped at Gran & Gramp's on our way back to Utah to say goodbye and out walks Gran with a belated gift for my birthday. I think all stories should have a happy ending and thankfully this one does. I opened the specially wrapped package and to my surprise Gran knew exactly what my heart desired. It was a pair of size 6, pink, cowgirl boot slippers. I couldn't have been happier. Thanks Gran!

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Courteney Cole said...

Yay!! You look like a freaking we have good genes. :)

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