Saturday Night Shuffle

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I dedicate this post to my dear friend, Paul: the questionably straight, bobblehead attorney who sports his infamous embroidary shirt -but only when all his hood-shirts are in the laundry.

Nats season is over :( and I definitely didn't go to enough games but this one was phenomenal....

...and not because they won
...and not because the weather was nice ...and not because of the service (we ordered these in the 2nd inning, they were delivered in the 9th) was phenomenal because some old guy began awkwardly serenading us in the bull pen and it was enhanced by the more awkward shuffle that Paul whipped was phenomenal because we found out that charles would be playing his heart out during a sax solo for the entertainment of the private bar we were at. was phenomenal because of the constant banter and harrassment between my mature husband and his 10 years his senior ultra-mature friend. was phenomenal because we hung out with a stereotypical crowd including: duvet cover hood shirt guy, the comedian, the wine connoisseur, the military man who hasn't seen many women lately, the non-union serious girl, the terrorist slash wannabe porn star, the unique saxophone player, the sarcastic class clown, and the quiet girl taking it all in. I'm not sure I saw one play but it was a memorable game


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