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Friday, August 29, 2008

Tanner recently got a new job creating a blog for a car company out here called Eastern Motors. They gave him the option of either being paid with a regular salary or with a new car. We weighed the options and decided to take the car. So every month he gets to trade in for a new is this month's ride.
Tanner was so excited about this especially because we had to leave his life-long love (the Durango) in Logan. While we were waiting at Eastern Motors Hyundai for the paperwork to get done etc. I decided I would call Eastern Motors in Tysons Corner to see what they had available over there. Here is how it all played out.

Kirsten: "Hi, what type of cars do you carry?"
Receptionist: "All kinds."
Kirsten: "Like...what brands? Can you tell me?"
Receptionist: "All brands."
Kirsten: "Like you have Lexus...BMW...and Mazda?"
Receptionist: "Let me transfer you."
Salesman: "Hello."
Kirsten: "Hi, what brands of cars do you carry?"
Salesman: "All kinds."

Eastern Motors employees and their complacent statement made me feel like a complete idiot. Tanner and I couldn't stop laughing about it in the waiting room. But, apparently they have everything Tanner could ever wish for at Eastern Motors in Tysons Corner.

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