Look ma, no hands

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We had so much fun this weekend. I am so glad my mom & Courte got to make it out to see our new home. Well I guess we don't have a place to call home quite yet. But we are lucky that Chris has so generously offered up his basement for us to crash. There has been a lot going on and I haven't posted for a while. Here is a quick recap...

My parents and I went to the Logan rodeo on Thursday...it was pouring rain but that didn't stop us from having a good time (especially because we had a giant umbrella). The rodeo was an experience to say the least. I had never been to a full-on rodeo. The only thing that I didn't like was when the chased the baby cows and tied up their feet and head...I felt bad.

Logan is b-e-a-utiful

These cowboys must be knee-deep in chiropratic bills.

My last day in Utah I decided to spill water on my cell phone. So I spent the morning trying to deal with that. Losing my info and dealing with that was fun....not. So, I bought a go phone and off we went! My mom and I flew out with the pups and it was pretty good besides the fact that Jack decided to puke right when someone swerved in front of us and Jack and I ended up getting covered in disgust on the way to the airport. Oh, and I also had an annoying tween crush that started petting my pups while I was on the phone and wouldn't leave us alone in the terminal. And as we walked onto the plane guess where our seats were? Right in front of them. Need I say more?

We had the great privilege of being filmed while moving into's house Saturday morning.There are some people interested in making a reality tv show about Chris, Christy, Tanner, and I so a film company is putting together something to shop to tv stations...Crazy I know. But the guy putting it together thinks it will be a good pitch. It is all very exciting, I really hope things go well with the demo.

Saturday night my mom & Courte got to go to their first Redskins game against the Bills. I think they had fun but unfortuately it was a pre-season game and honestly not super exciting. I think we ended up having the most fun stuck in the long concession lines. But we won so that made it awesome.

I loved this pic of Jack in his redskins jersey I had to post it!Courte and her water bottle balancing act "look ma, no hands"Tanner, Courte, my mom and I tried to go to D.C. for two days but things just kept us from making it there. Either because we were busy unpacking neverending boxes from the U-haul, or we woke up late, or what-have-you. We almost made it Sunday but the girls ended up at Tyson's mall. Which was not very touristy but it was fun.

Chris has a '68 Camaro and my mom had been eyeing it since the moment she arrived. She finally decided to ask Chris if she could drive it. My mom had the time of her life driving it I haven't seen her that happy in a long time. It was great.

The past 3 days we have spent the bulk of our time searching for condos. We have walked through about 40+ condos. Talk about tiring. But we have found about five that are amazing thanks to our realtor Mrs. Jefferson. She is a hoot and very good at her job. I am sure there will be many stories to tell about our house-hunting experiences but something that I will never forget is how she described an immaculate and indescribable condo to Chris in her cute little accent..."Sweetie when you walk into that place it makes you want to pee in your pants."

I will try to update more often so I don't have to force you all to read a novel ever again...this is honestly ridiculous!


LuCinda said...

Yea! You got to post. I haven't had a chance yet I have been so busy, but I will soon. Great pics!

The Cooley's said...

Courte when you read this email me that B&W Cooley dad and son photo. I love it.

and mom we posted all the photos on picasa...call me for the login.

jhjonze said...

Good luck finding a house and with a reality show, crazy!

The Veticas said...

So how did Lucinda do when she had to say good bye? It hurts my heart to think about how sad she probably is. You guys are so close...I love it. It sounds like things are crazy, but too much fun already. What a cool experience for you guys. And no matter how sad you get sometimes about missing home, at least you always know that you have each other. But Boot Camp misses you both. Michelle is doing BC again and she said its just not the same without you Kirst. Keep posting, its fun to read about all your crazy adventures.

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