Thursday, August 28, 2008

I know that my family probably misses our pups even more than they miss us. Here are a few cute photos to fill the void.

Jack causing trouble. I am not even sure how he got in this box.
Jack posing in his Cooley jersey.
Baxter stole this squirrel from Chip and carries it with him everywhere.
He even fell asleep with it in his mouth.
Baxter learned a new trick...


LuCinda said...

Baxter is sooo cute, I do miss him the very most. When are you going to send them to come see me.

LeeAnn said...

Hey Kirsten! I found your blog on Natalie McKnights. How are things? It looks like your life is being extrememly eventful! Check out my blog nateandleeann.blogspot.com
Talk to you soon! Hope the move has been great!

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