Monday, August 18, 2008

Tanner and I are constantly lost these days and we have been relying on our navigations to get us to everyday places such as the post office, petsmart, and the dry cleaners...we made a simple request to our navigation, Becky, today. We asked her to take us to a car wash so she suggested we go to C&C Car Wash and Detail. We were on our way and started getting a weird feeling like we were getting into suburbia. By the time we reached our so-called destination this is what we saw.
We thought this was a fluke...and asked for a new suggestion. We started toward Leesburg Car Wash. It took us to the complete other side of Leesburg and once again we started seeing young children running about and people walking their dogs. We decided that whoever programmed the navigation must have added a few misdirections for a good laugh. And we definitely got the brunt of it today.

Tanner was ready to give up and go home but I wasn't about to let Rebecca get the best of us. So we tried once again...and then I spotted it...the gold. We found a 90 foot tunnel car wash! We stopped at the vac and then started driving toward the tunnel and then National Lampoon's Vacation style we see a giant TUNNEL CLOSED sign hovering in front of our target.

Rebecca and the Car Wash Gods were definitely working together today. And for some reason unbeknownst to us they wanted to give us a tour of Leesburg and for our car to remain filthy. I guess we shouldn't try to fight it.


LuCinda said...

I think that Rebecca might need a little extra attention. So she doesn't steer you wrong again. hahaha.

Todd Cole said...

maybe rebecca really wanted you to see the sights. :) I can not wait until i can come vist rebecca to see the sights as well.


The Veticas said...

Today we did Old Main hill and I thought I saw you driving and then getting out of your car to come and run with us, and then I realized it couldnt be you :( You should come back next June to do the wasatch back run with a bunch of us girls. you could just train in VA. Miss you guys.

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