We got it!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

We were at the Nationals game Friday and our realtor called Tanner and he didn't have to say anything...I knew. They accepted our counter-offer! We have not been this excited for anything in a long time it was reason for lots of high-fives and hugs. They will be done building September 26th and we will be able to move in soon after.

We finally got to go back to visit (we couldn't let them know how much we loved it for bargaining purposes) yesterday and I snapped a few more photos. The model gives us so many ideas for decorating...we love the house and are so excited to make it our own.


Billy and Nikki said...

so so cute! hey my mom needs your address so she can send you a wedding announcement for dani and jeff. will you email my mom glorygalb@hotmail.com she also needs Chris's for Austin's wedding. thanks

Terrin said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations

LuCinda said...


Todd Cole said...

Looks great. Congratulations.

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