The price paid for relief.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Driving up the long road to Chris and Christy's house gives me lots of time to strategize how I am going to successfully get five dogs outside without any leakage on the way there. Once I pull in I am out of my car and at a dead sprint with armloads of heavy bags. I enter at the main level and run down two flights of stairs and to the opposite side of the house to release Baxter and Jack from their dog prison slash the game room slash our temporary bedroom. Then the three of us scurry up to the main level then to the third level to two tiny yippers (Chip & Dale). I swoop them up and run (in my heels, mind you) with them like two footballs down to the main level, yell at George who is flailed out on his bed in the kitchen, then we all run around the corner and out the front door. I unlock and open the door and watch them all spill out to the front porch. It is a barking festival. I am sweating bullets and my heart is pounding as my eyes dart all over the yard hoping that one doesn't escape. Sigh. Success.


LuCinda said...

Yea!!! Now how many times a day does that happen?

Todd Cole said...

Sounds like a circus act. :)
Miss you all. :(

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