Saturday, September 13, 2008

We woke up Friday morning to a wet Pittsburgh...the perfect weather for being cooped up taking a test. I hardly slept a wink the night before (I usually sleep like a log) because I was nervous Tanner wasn't going to sleep well in the hotel. The next morning he told me he slept like a baby. It is funny how different the two of us are. I would have slept terribly and been pacing the room all morning but Tanner was as calm as can be just watching some morning television and getting in some last minute cramming. Here is our self portrait right before Tanner began his slow and painful brain-drain.Tanner's position on the MCAT: So for those of you who haven't taken a standardized exam, they suck about as much as two flat tires in a rain storm. You know, you only have one spare and you are stuck on the road....whatever, on to the test. The MCAT is long, it drains the brain, makes you laugh, makes you cry, then rides you rough and puts you to bed with no kiss goodnight. Here is the overview of the test so you know what I mean.

Physical Sciences = 2 years of hell
Verbal Reasoning = Verbal Reasoning
Writing Sample = A unified essay on the following "Society is best run when freedom is the foundation."
Biological Sciences = 2 years of hell
The worst part is, the test you just took on a computer takes a month to give you your score. Neat-o huh?

When we got into Pittsburgh on Thursday night it was pretty dark and gloomy and gave me a weird feeling instantly. But it was an eerily and astonishingly beautiful city. I tried to capture the magnificence of the old town on camera...but my photos came out like crap. So, Tanner took a few on our way home and I hope they kind of give a sense of what it was like. (Pittsburgh Trivia: Downtown is built on a triangular tract of land where the Allegheny River and Monongahela River meet to form the Ohio River. Pittsburgh is known as "The City of Bridges.")

I drove us home and I have never been so scared the rain was coming down faster than our windshield wipers could handle...You would think that since we were driving on a TOLL ROAD the upkeep would be a little better but there was constant potholes filled with water and we were hydroplaning to no end. Our toll money must be embezzled by the state government.

But we made it safe and sound keeping ourself entertained on the road by trying to name all of the states and capitals in the US. Good crap, we thought we were smarter. We did a terrible job and ended up looking up half of them online. Seriously anyone reading this should try might surprise yourself with how much harder it is now compared to when you were in 5th grade.


Todd Cole said...

Tanner, I bet it is good to have that task over with. I know that you did well after all of the crazy preparation. It is good to know that you guys made it back safely. I love Pittsburg, just not in the rain. Take care.

Billy and Nikki said...

i love reading your guys blog, you make me laugh every post. Good job tanner! give him a little squeez from billy and i.

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