Friday, September 12, 2008

Okay so Pittsburgh really isn't the pits. Tanner and I are actually kind of glad we had to make the trip. It's funny that after six years (and spending the past month 24/7 with each other) we can still learn new things about each other. For instance, Tanner has never heard of MadLibs until last night. I thought he was lying to me...but oh he wasn't I had to search one out on the internet to explain what it was.

My job on the road-trip was the official flashcard assistant. Come to find out that Tanner uses some pretty crude and racy mnemonics to remember chemistry/biology/physics terms. At moments I was laughing so hard I couldn't think or breathe, it was unbelievable.

All in all the trip over the border into PA has been great. We've had only one Goofy Movie moment...Tanner owes me $1 million bucks for guessing Alabama during radio trivia...and normality is a crazy word.

p.s. Tanner takes the MCAT at noon, so everyone be thinking of him!


jhjonze said...

Good luck!

Courteney Cole said...

Yay for Philly! Good luck T!

LuCinda said...

No problem for Tanner! This one is in the bag.

The Veticas said...

GO TANNER! Courtney reminded me today at Boot Camp about Tanner's test today and the first thing that came to mind was..he's ready! Good Luck. Drive home safely.

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