Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tanner's cousin Brooke got me hooked on a book called "Skinny Bitch." It presents its topics in such a cut and dry, kick you in the shin, while calling you names way but unusually you actually feel good after being yelled at continuously. Because the book really makes you stop and think about all the crap that you put down the hatch everyday while encouraging you to make some simple changes to make yourself feel better.

One topic that really stuck out in my mind was the one that my dad constantly harrasses me about. And that is my addiction to milk...there I said it. Well it isn't so much the milk part so much as it is my inability to digest it that is the issue here. But they make these fancy pills these days that break down the lactose when your body just can't do the job. So, I have been pill popping since high school and the book recommends avoiding pills as well as things that your body doesn't want you to consume.

So I have been avoiding cheeses...replacing that as often as possible with hummus, yeah hummus. It really isn't as bad as it sounds I promise. And when I was at Wegman's a few days ago the "soy milk" was staring at me from the shelf. I nudged it into my cart...I thought "only $1.99 I can try that I guess." I resisted pouring it on my cereal yesterday but this morning I had to do it. I love milk I miss it already. This stuff tasted like warm Breyer's vanilla ice cream mixed with rice and of course my cereal. That's just not right early in the morning.

It's been hard but I am definitely cutting back my dairy intake...I am not going cold turkey no steps.

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jhjonze said...

Hey I'm lactose intolerant too! Good luck with cutting down your dairy. I myself am a pill popper!

doyles said...

WHAT! i loooove soy milk! you've got to give it another try! my favorite is the Silk brand, and you should get the vanilla flavor, but get light instead of regular, i love it. Talking about it actually got me craving it now...

Meghan Smith said...

HEY!! I some how came across you sisters blog and then found you...crazy!! Hopefully you remember me and don't think I am nuts:) What are you up to?

Terrin said...

Have you tried rice milk? I like it better than soy. Rice Dream is a good brand. I have heard that it depends on your blood type to decide which type of "milk" to drink. Interesting.. I quit drinking milk but I still love chai tea lattes from Starbucks!

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