Monday, September 15, 2008

Last night we reverted back to our college years. It took me back to the good ol' days of Brentwood on the USU campus when my bedroom was right next to the living room. Lots of late nights of constant music and ruckus from my wonderful roommates and their friends. I loved my roommates but I am an early bird by nature. Always in bed by midnight and up by 6 or 7. Let's just say that the early bird in me was not very happy last night.

The "people from Vermont" came over after the game right when we found out and took care of a Chris debaccle. Then we got ready to watch Entourage (a Cooley fave) but unusually no one followed us in to the living room so Tanner and I watched it by ourselves. After that amazing half hour we snuck downstairs not really in the mood to hang out with strangers (we didn't even know their names, and I am not sure Chris did either) to unwind before bed.

It was pretty loud upstairs Chris and the 4 Vermont-ians started playing King's Cup or something of the sort and Vermont-ian girl #1 must have been doing extremely well because she was continually yelling "Wooooooooooooh." It was constant excitement up there but bearable. When the clock struck midnight the chaos really began. Suddenly the voices got louder then some loud music started turns out they had decided it would be fun to come down to play pool...which just so happens to be on the opposite side of the wall where our temporary room is. We are visitors in the house of course so its not like we were going to rant and rave for them to quiet down. But come on! Anyone of you that lived with roommates probably knows exactly how we felt.

We were trying to come up with ways to distract them so they would go upstairs: we thought we could go outside to the patio and bang on the window or go doorbell ditch them a few times. We were wide awake cleverly coming up with ideas. This lasted until about one a.m. when they finally decided to take their party upstairs. We were pretty fired up from all of this and we couldn't sleep so we tried to glaze over and watch tv until one thirty then finally calmed down and got in bed again. We counted the very last sheep when we were awaken by the break of the pool balls. The first hour of pool must have been really fun because they were back for more at 2 a.m. That was the last straw...Tanner opened the door and was like "Come on we are trying to sleep right here." I am pretty sure this was all a ploy to get us to come and play with them. Sorry guys definitely not the way to pump us up for pool.


jhjonze said...

It will be so nice when you move into your cute condo!

Billy and Nikki said...

tanner, all i can say is, condo in st. george 1am. "I CAN HEAR THE
@#$%!@# CLICKING GO TO BED" Kirsten let tanner tell you about the freakout i had. haha

doyles said...

wow wow wow! i forgot how much nikki lost her mind that night, we were having memorable times playing Rocky and she ruined it, all of it.

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