Birthdays never get old.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I woke up early Wednesday morning to torture myself at the stadium with my bootcamp trainer, Natalie. Only this time I thought I would run every single stair and do some sprints around the track as well. Birthdays are so funny they take us all back to being six again and being so excited you want to tell everyone. You will be happy to know I only wavered once and told Natalie.

It was a different kind of birthday this year. Honestly a lot more quiet than the others. Fun, but quiet. I am not sure if its because I am getting older, or if its because my birthday buddy, Courteney is clear across the country, or if it because I am a stay-at-home wife this summer and spent a chunk of the day running errands and studying alone???

I did get to go to lunch with my mom at Old Grist (love it, and will miss it when I'm gone). And Tanner got off work really early to spend the afternoon with me. As for the Birthday night we hit Hamilton's and we all loved it. We sat outside on the deck and just soaked in the moment and the weather.
After dinner it was time for the cake and present opening tradition. There was a little twist to it that was pretty entertaining. And that was a cake made from scratch by Tanner. He made my favorite carrot cheesecake made famous by The Cheescake Factory. First of all, he was supposed to make it the night before but forgot so he had to make it on his lunch hour on my birthday. When I left to go to lunch with my mom I saw him bent over down in the laundry room and I was like "what are you doing?" He responded in a calm, normal voice, "cracking open a coconut." I got home to the creation overflowing out of the pan, but it smelled delicious. That night as Tanner was frosting the cake he told me how much it easier it was to frost it with lumps and that the recipe called for lots of lumps. It took only one extra trip to the store and a lot of love for it to turn out amazing.

By the way I got some awesome gifts from my loving family. Thanks you guys! Here a few photos from the celebration.

Jack trying to sneak a taste...
Baxter posing with his tennis dildo...
Tanner Kirsten-proofed all of my was a giant task to open each one, which made the anticipation even greater....Two awesome gifts: My mom gave me a Garmin Navigation so I don't get lost back east, she is always looking out for me. And Nance got me a digital camera which is so exciting, I love it! (My camera has been broken since 2005)Photos taken with my new camera!


KingFamily said...

Well Happy Birthday! I love birthdays too. I still have at least a one month countdown at my house. Its a fool proof way to making sure my husband remembers!

Courteney Cole said...

Ohh...looks so fun. Tanner's cake looks nothing short of amazing. We are getting too old. Ps. our parents are hotties along with my little nephs.

Cassidy said...

happy bday kirst. we is getting old. you r so beautiful ya know. hope you had a great day

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