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Monday, June 2, 2008

Before gas prices decide to hit $12 per gallon I decided to take some initiative. So purely by good fortune I asked a friend of mine, who happens to own a scooter and does not use it, if I could "borrow" it for the summer. His response "It doesn't work right now but if you can fix it you can ride it." "YES! New ride!"

Also by good fortune, the "Car Doctor" (my dad) happened to be in town for the weekend. He and I went up to the mansion to check out the bike. The simple diagnosis was a bad battery. We had two choices; One, charge the battery or two, buy a new one. So off to Renegade Sports we went. A new scooter battery only runs about $30 so that's what we did. After a short scuffle between "Car Doc" and "Behind the Counter Guy" (about "venting" the new batter) we left Renegade without the battery because it had to be "vented and fully charged."

5.5 hours later I was in and out of the store, battery in hand, and back to the mansion to attempt a possible fix on my own ("Car Doc" was M.I.A.). Upon arrival I quickly noticed I wasn't the only outsider at the mansion. There was an entire window cleaning crew (advantage). After putting the battery in and having no luck starting the damn thing, I managed to putz around the rest of the bike like a monkey would on a computer. I tipped it on it's right, on it's left, upside-down, and right-side-up. Nothing seemed to do the trick. Finally, after likely being quietly ridiculed, one of the washers decided his two cents might help. "Has this switch (shut off) been off the whole time?" he asked. I hadn't even seen or touched any switches but I'll be damned if that wasn't the problem. One quick flip of that little guy and "zoom zoom" I was off and on my way down the driveway.

To make a long story short, I got an awesome ride, learned a bit about scooters, and met a new friend. Now who gives a shit if gas prices are through the roof, my scooter gets 60 miles per gallon! Look out open road, here I come (max speed 45).

Tanner has taken an interest in the blogging hopefully he will continue to make more posts on our personal blog because this was a good one.

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KingFamily said...

Hey! How are you doing? I usually get a monthly update from your dad when I catch him outside working on the yard. I enjoyed looking at your blog. You are just as gorgeous as ever!! I hope all is well with you and Tanner. If you are ever out in Lewiston be sure to come and say hi!

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