Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday was the annual Harris Research Lagoon Day. I would like to mention that Patrick did give an accurate description of Lagoon in his reasoning for not venturing to is sticky. Sticky, but fun and interesting. The people at Lagoon are of a different breed. You don't see the Lagoon style person in everyday life, they only emerge from their homes in their favorite attire (tanktop for men and bikini top for women) when Lagoon opens its gates at the beginning of summer. I am pretty sure that on more than one occassion my mouth was gaping. As for the fun part of Lagoon, the rides! I love rollercoasters! Because they are so scary but I am 99 percent sure that I won't die while I am riding. We rode the rapids of rattlesnake rapids,Wicked, Collosus, Rocket and the Sky Ride a handful of times. We wanted to float the lazy river at Laguna Beach but we didn't want to miss BINGO with HR so we dodged the huge line to the fake beach and rushed to BINGO. That game is so frustrating its always down to the last number on your card and they say "clear!" Tanner and I won a whole 5 bucks between the two of us. We have the worst luck. Although, a sure-fire way to win at Lagoon is to have the "guess my...(weight, age, birthday)" game operator guess Tanner's weight. They always guess about 20-30 pounds off so we walk away with a present for our pups. What an interesting, fun, and sticky day!

We are easily is Tanner's performance for us while standing in line for Wicked. My mom really loved it : )

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Cassidy said...

kirst, i love the picture of you and tanner at the top. so dang cute. I totally agree with the stickiness at lagoon. and it's always loaded with wierdos. Scary ones too. Sounds like you had fun.

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